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According to Dr. Georges Enderle (2001), he thinks that it is time for business ethics in China. He advanced four reasons to explain his position. First, as a developing country China must develop its productive forces before addressing ethics. Second, top priority should be given to market forces, which if allowed working without hindrance will yield wealth and resolve many ethical problems. Third, for an orderly transition from a planned to a market economy, China must establish a strong legal framework so market forces and personal interest will not jeopardize economic development. Fourth, even if one agrees business ethics is important for China, controversy remains surrounding which form of ethics to apply such as modern Confucian ethics, socialist ethics or Western ethics.

From a long-term, global perspective he believes that business ethics is paramount to all societies at the turn of the millennium. Because major driving forces for business ethics lay in an increasing importance of business, a growing diversity of ethical beliefs and an ever more pressing need to address these complex issues. So he had identified several driving factors behind the Western business ethics movement and examine whether or not they apply to China. First is the argument of scandal. Second is the argument of economization. Third is the argument of “good ethics is good business”. The last is the argument of future challenges.

Of the many challenges ahead for China, perhaps the greatest is to strive for sustainable human development. The issue of sustainable development clearly touches on China are environmental, health and education policies, which are not only important for the people themselves but also for successful economic development. Another challenge of China is a modern system of relatively...

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