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Wong 1discrimination to integration of Chinese CanadiansRyan WongNov 27 2013100225487Geog1120#1?wordcount:1620Wong 2The Chinese first immigrated to Canada in 1858. In the beginning we were discriminated by Canadians At first. But over time We Gained our freedoms and the right to vote so we can be fully integrated into CanadaIn 1858 Gold was found In the Fraser River In British Columbia. Chinese miners travelled all the way from California . They were forced into only a certain part of town where they could Live which many know as Chinatown. Also many Chinese miners had to take the abandoned sites while the other miners took the other richer sites. The Chinese knew if they mined at the richer sites they might get beaten up and robbed by the White miners. However Not all Chinese immigrants that came to Canada during the mid 1800s mined for Gold. Many of the Chinese immigrants were uneducated so much that they could barely read or write Chinese. That limited their job opportunities to household work as servants or menial jobs such as working at restaurants, fish canneries, tailors and growing vegetables.during the mid 1800s , The Chinese faced racial Discrimination, although some of the general Canadian population and even local newspapers supported them. They received support because they did all the jobs nobody else wanted. Also they worked hard and long hours and did it for a lot less than white workers would do it for. some westerners even publicly supported them because of their work ethic and perseverance that was much better than the white workers. However the Chinese gradually started losingWong 3support around the mid 1860s because of the gold in BC were exhausted .This meant many Europeans found less gold which led to many Europeans leaving BC. The massive decline of population caused a recession as many jobs were lost. Since Jobs were lost, The Chinese were seen as competitors to the white workers especially since they worked for a lot less money.In 1871, British Columbia finally joined Confederation. Canada needed to connect all the provinces so they decided to build a national Railway. The railway In British Columbia launched construction in 1879 by Andrew Onderdonk . Onderdonk needed at least 10,000 men to help finish this railway. Before construction even started, British Columbia legislative assembly set a motion to ban Chinese from working on Government projects. So he had to recruit strictly White men from California or British Columbia. However they were faced a labour shortage so they were forced to hire Chinese workers from China to help finish the railway. over 5 years, 15000 Chinese workers had been hired. This saved them around 3.5 million dollars which is equal to 20 million dollars todayThe CPR hired the Chinese for 2 main reasons. First off, the Chinese were very cheap only working for 1 dollar a day and paid for their own shelter and food. The white Canadian workers were paid 2 dollars a day with all expenses covered such...

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