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9.11.11English essay: Chinese Cinderella.Adeline, the protagonist of the story "Chinese Cinderella" is about to start her first day at primary school. She is waiting in the hallway, all alone, wondering who was taking her to school and when. Sympathy is created for Adeline through the description of her thoughts and feelings in the story when she admits to feeling as if she "had been waiting for a long time." She would start to feel anxious as if people had forgotten about her. Also, "The chauffeur had already left to drive her brothers to St Johns academy." This quote points out that everyone is being thought of and being tended to apart from Adeline! She would feel forgotten again; now she would be feeling uncomfortable. She was excited but sympathy is created when the author starts describing how her two brothers were already being taken to their school and her sister is still in bed. This makes her feel lonely, uncertain and abandoned; we can empathise with her because it is always exciting starting something new and as big as a new school.Similarly, we start to feel sympathy again for Adeline when she starts to "tremble with fear" realising "no-one was going to pick her up." These quotes show she was nervous and alone again. Out in the streets…all alone…lost! We give her sympathy when she says "too embarrassed to draw attention to myself, I walked out tentatively into the Shanghai streets." Calling the streets Shanghai streets, not just the streets makes us feel that she is frightened; it makes the streets sound like well known, busy, used. We can sense her fear and anxiety. The author uses an adverb to build up tension, Adeline doesn't just walk out, she walks out tentatively.When she says "but where was my home?" she uses a lot of questions in that same short paragraph. It...

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974 words - 4 pages Missing Works Cited A lot of the fairy tale stories that we have seen as young adults and even as adults are original folk tale stories that have been modified and rewritten to accommodate our new cultures. Cinderella happens to be one of these stories that have been changed over the years. There are many different versions of Cinderella, an African Cinderella, a Hungarian Cinderella and even a Chinese version. All of the Cinderella’s are

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911 words - 4 pages As is well known, the famous storytale "Cinderella" has many variants across cultures and time periods. These variants have been found to have the same general plot, which is characterized by the persecuted heroine, the meeting with the prince, the revealing of an inner identity, and marriage with the prince. This plot is simple enough to be understood by a child, yet the details that support the story's timeless popularity are more difficult to


1732 words - 7 pages all her heart and asking them to love her always". Not only did she forgive them but also she invited them to live in the castle and married them on the same day. The Cinderella in this version is a very sweet and forgiving girl unlike most other versions when revenge is forced back onto the sisters.The Chinese had a different way of presenting Cinderella. She was called Yehhsien a daugher of a cave master. After her father died she lived with her

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3531 words - 14 pages produce and present tours of at least 12 English-version musicals, such as The King and I, 42nd Street, Cinderella, Hairspray, at more than 20 cities in China between 2006 and 2009. While touring with the English version of The Sound of Music at cities such as Chengdu, Wuhan and Shenzhen in China this year, Simone Genatt (the Chairman) announced that they will launch the Chinese version of the same musical in 2010 (Sun Yuan (ed.), 2006; Chen Huiru

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1226 words - 5 pages this behavior because women are viewed as weak beings in 1937, having only just gained their right to vote. Cinderella from the movie, “Cinderella”, released in 1950, and Aurora from the movie, “Sleeping Beauty”, released in 1959, share many characteristics with Snow White. All three leading ladies’ “happily ever afters” require a dashing prince who is attracted to their beauty to make it happen. In response to this archetype created by Disney

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1747 words - 7 pages heroine, wicked middle-aged 
beauty or nurturing post-menopausal woman. These are the main 
stereotypes. Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel and Belle are examples of 
teenage heroines. Cruella Deville (101 Dalmatians), Ursula (The little 
Mermaid) and the wicked Queen (Snow White and the seven dwarfs) are 
classical examples of middle-aged villains. They have been called 
Disney's femme fatales (powerful woman defined by their sexuality). 

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1021 words - 5 pages muster much more than a unintelligible noise due to the fact it is dryer than the Sahara desert. Every minute goes by like an hour torturing the young boy into tears as he slaves over the beans that have been planted in the mineral rich soil. For this boy failure is not an option, if he messes up once it could cause his entire family to starve. Like Cinderella this young child needs a fairy godmother to protect him from the cruelty of this world

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655 words - 3 pages Cultural experience can influence a person’s perspective, view and change in the world. In the book, Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah, it is shown and proven that culture affects a person’s society, decisions, and human perspective. Adeline’s life is shaped around the Chinese culture she lives by that is enforced by her stepmother while being restricted of freedom and influenced by outside cultures, such as her classmates. Culture can be

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933 words - 4 pages Chinese Cinderella is a compelling autobiography by Adeline Yen Mah, a struggling child, yearning for acceptance and love in her dysfunctional family. In this novel of “a ‘secret story of an unwanted daughter”, Adeline presents her stepmother Niang, as a violent, impatient, biased, domineering and manipulative demon. Analysing the language used by the author, we can discover how effectively she does this. Although Niang explicitly

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