Chinese Cinderella And The Secret Dragon Society

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It’s been 9 months now and I’m still here in this atrocious Jail “the bridge house”. It is run by the Japanese who are holding us as “prisoners of war”. But maybe I should start from the beginning since I haven’t written on paper for 9months.It all began when I was kicked out of my home by my step-mum after she abused me. Luckily I was taken in by a martial arts academy (the Dragon society of Wandering Knights). I had their card from when I had seen them perform in the town plaza. They were amazing.At the martial Arts Academy there was the teacher Grandma Wu, and three boys who had little or no family left; David Black, Marat and Sam. After a while with them I gained not only their friendship but also their trust. After lots of persistence, Kung fu, and other training, I became a member of the Dragon Academy.That’s when my life started turning from a little school child to a mature child seeking for truth to find the Tao, and fight on behalf of those unjustly accused. Not long after I was sent on missions to help the war by assisting Americans and the Chinese defeat the Japanese taking over China.So we left for Chuchow disguised in local children’s peasant clothes to help American airmen who were on their way to bomb Japanese Territory. We had to decode radio signals to warn our American allies and this was a well suited job for us 4 children as we were easily disguised and could all speak fluent English and Chinese.They had done it! Yes some American Fliers managed to bomb Japanese Cities. It was the first time in the history of Japan that any of her cities had been invaded by an enemy, Not a single plane was shot down! But some Americans Crash landed on Nan Tian Island so we had to go help them, they had helped the Chinese ample. So in the pouring rain we assisted them with their injuries, kept their courage high, and traded information from our different cultures. That’s when I received a special airmen’s badge from the American Pilot, not knowing it would change my life forever.We soon left Nan Tian Island knowing the Japanese would be searching for Americans, but after we left everyone on that island was killed because no-one would own up to helping them, my mind filled with guilt after all those innocent victims lives were lost, including my Aunt’s.As soon as we got back home, there were twice as many Japanese soldiers as before, and before I knew it, they were searching me and everyone else. They found the badge that was given to me. It was recognized as American and at that instance they took me away. They questioned me at first asking who was I with, I kept saying no one; I didn’t want to get Grandma Wu and the others in trouble. But being questioned was only the start of it.I was soon placed into the Bridge House jail where they stripped searched me and harshly asked more personal questions about me, my family, and my life. They soon found out that I was the “missing...

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