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One day, I watched a movie on TV and it was terrible. A lady was an undercover investigator and she was investigating the conditions for small animals and birds in a storage area. It was always crowded and messy. Painful and difficult procedures were performed by un-educated veterinarians. I was really angry and sad to see what they do before they send it to the store. Many hurt or injured animals were sometimes thrown away. Many animals died on a daily basis. Every time I go to a pet store, I always think that the animals are treated nicely and everything is great. I never knew how these small animals were actually treated before they came. It was sad to how they were raised cruelly, housed cruelly and transported cruelly. When they transported the animals, they threw them into boxes. I saddest thing I remember was one man saying in the video that he threw a guinea pig at the wall and it still got up and started to run.有一天,我在电视上看到了一个电影,很可怕的。一位女士她是一个卧底调查员和调查条件的小动物和鸟类在存储区域。它总是拥挤和杂乱。没有受过教育的兽医进行痛苦和困难的程序。我当时很生气和难过. 许多受伤的动物被扔掉. 每天,许多动物死亡。每一次我去一个动物店,我一直认为,用爱对待动物. 动物提出了严重,...

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A concise essay on territorial disputes from the context of Chinese territorial demands.

1049 words - 4 pages countries view Chinese territorial claims with apprehension, and it is a prism through which they still see China.One of the problems is that domestic sentiment in China does not allow for resolution of the problems any way other than by full adherence to fascist China's claims. Much like Taiwan and Tibet, these territorial issues are seen as nonnegotiable, linked through fascist nationalism to China forever in perpetuity. China is the key player

An essay about the hardships that women of ancient Chinese society went through. Comparison made of life in the 21st century as opposed to life back then. Written from a non-Chinese perspective!

2164 words - 9 pages Women in Traditional Chinese SocietyRoutine… I drag myself up a set of stairs and reach my door, rummage through my bag for my keys, slide one in and once again hear that familiar ‘click’. I haven’t even been able to catch my breath when I am bombarded with requests from my two teenage daughters. “Where is dinner??” “I need money!” “You haven’t even helped me with my school project yet!”


2277 words - 9 pages . Chinese migration is the outcome of five major forces that have shaped Chinese history, they are: a series of natural and man-made catastrophes, population explosion, political instability, and foreign intervention. The primary focus in this essay is the product of these factors on the Chinese community, most areas will touch upon the Taishan County, in the Guangdong province from the eighteenth century to early twentieth century.Taishan: A major

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641 words - 3 pages 9.11.11English essay: Chinese Cinderella.Adeline, the protagonist of the story "Chinese Cinderella" is about to start her first day at primary school. She is waiting in the hallway, all alone, wondering who was taking her to school and when. Sympathy is created for Adeline through the description of her thoughts and feelings in the story when she admits to feeling as if she "had been waiting for a long time." She would start to feel anxious as

Chinese Art

2093 words - 8 pages Essay Circles of Reflection The Carter Collection of Chinese Bronze Mirrors By James McRae I was looking for building 125 east 65th street, hoping that I would soon find any building looking like a museum. Finally, I came upon a building that looks like a rich brownstone in mid-Manhattan. I checked the address to make sure that my eyes were seeing correctly, and for sure, it was the correct place.I had to walk up a small flight of stairs

Guanxi In Chinese Business.

2465 words - 10 pages 1.0 Introduction.Since China implemented its open door policy in 1979, this country has been experiencing fast development in many areas. It attracts many western businesses to find opportunities in this large market. However, just like our Chinese people often said "everything has two sides", westerners find that although China has large markets, their culture is difficult to handle, especially something with regard to "guanxi".This essay will

Traditional Chinese marriages.

1044 words - 4 pages Ember (2002, p.343) defines marriage as "a socially approved sexual and economic union, usually between a woman and a man". Because marriage customs differ widely according to culture, it is obviously of great interest to the cultural anthropologist. For example, marriage rites in some cultures may involve highly complex ceremonial rituals, whereas marriage rites in other cultures may be relatively simple. The Chinese (in this essay, meaning

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2309 words - 9 pages This essay gives an overview of early civilization in China and the different periods within this era. Also, it includes political and cultural pursuits of the people within this time period and the struggles of the Asian peoples and their religious beliefs and community uniqueness and differences. Early on we see the emergence of civilization in China, where relatively isolated within geographical barriers, China’s early civilization

Chinese Luxury Market

909 words - 4 pages In 2005, Ernest & Young published a report on Chinese luxury market stating China has become the world’s third largest consumer of high-end fashions, accessories and other luxury goods and accounts for an estimated 12% of global sales (Young, 2005). Along with other similar reports on the booming growth of the Chinese economy and the luxury market in particular, many of the luxury brands originated from Western countries such as France, Italy

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1947 words - 8 pages the meantime, during the period of transition of the Chinese economy, it appears a fact that countering the traditional finance-growth theory and research literature, specifically, a rapid economic growth with a low efficiency financial system. This essay will argue that poor financial system can promote speedy economic growth in China that differs from common findings in the empirical literature. This essay is organized as follows. Firstly, it

"North Eastern Chinese" Stereotypes

1287 words - 6 pages Writing is always a challenge to me. Before I entered English Composition 2I class, my writing skill is not strong. Grammar, especially, is my weakest point. Although for now, I may not come up with an essay with zero grammar mistakes, I indeed believe that my grammar improves a lot. I also learned how to better structure my paper by logically orientating my paragraphs. I learned that I need bridging sentences and transitional phrases to make my

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1431 words - 6 pages Three areas of philosophy emerged amidst the chaos and constant warring of the Zhou era. The three were called Confucianism, Daoism, and legalism. They were Chinese philosophies that were thought to be the best ways to rule and achieve order in the society. Confucianism believed that a ruler's job was to set a good example, and not order. Since people were thought of as naturally good, they would following the right path based on their own

Us. This Essay Will Describe Three Contributions Of Chinese In America: Two Products, Ginseng And Tea, And One Method Of Medicine, Acupuncture.

613 words - 2 pages THREE CONTRIBUTIONS OF CHINESE IMMIGRANTSThe Chinese started immigrating to the United States in 1849. They leftChina in search of a better life. Life in China in the 1800's was very hard. Therewasn't enough food, money and the cities were overpopulated. They heard aboutthe United States and believed there was an opportunity to start over again. Theyhoped to find jobs on the railroad or to strike gold. When they arrived in the UnitedStates, life

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