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Chinese Footbinding: A Beautiful And Brutal Custom

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CHINESE FOOTBINDING: A BEAUTIFUL AND BRUTAL CUSTOM The Chinese custom of foot binding was a brutal and painful tradition that caused both physical and emotional damage to Chinese women for a thousand years. This custom has many facets most residing in the erotic; others in simple vanity. Its origins are buried under centuries of myth and the tight lipped customs of the ancient Chinese. Much more than a simple custom designed to improve on a woman's beauty even the origins of the myths concerning Chinese foot binding are nearly impossible to locate and lend little insight into the thoughts of a culture that could fabricate such a standard of grace and beauty. The erotic fascination with the Chinese foot led many to loose their toes and several to loose their lives. As we take a detailed look into the practice and into the lives of the women forced to bear it we can't help but see a multitude of similarities between this brutal act and the tortures that modern women volunteer for in order to fit societies mold of "beautiful".While there are several myths concerning the origin of the practice, two stand above the rest. The first comes from the court of the emperor Li Yu around 920 A.D. It is said that the "Lady Yao, a dancer and concubine for Li Yu, danced with such grace that he required her to bind her feet to resemble new moons all the time." (Aero 112-113) Another legend says that in sympathy for the club-footed Empress Taki, Li Yu ordered his concubines and all loyal ladies of the palace to bind their feet. In this way the Empress's deformity was turned from something ugly and unwanted into something beautiful to be wished for and achieved by all noble and well bread women.The term "golden lotus" also came from the southern Tang dynasty about 920 AD, Li Yu apparently made his favorite concubine bind her feet and dance on a platform encrusted with gold and pearls in the shape of a flowering lotus. There after the ladies of the palace bound their feet in order to be more attractive to the Emperor. Gradually the term "golden lotus" became a synonym for bound feet.A factor that aided in the distribution of foot binding is the writings of scholar Zhu Xi. His books about Chinese etiquette and the Confucian classics made him famous and set the standard for Chinese behavior.The actual practice of foot binding involved wrapping a three to eight year old girls foot with strips of cloth one to two inches in width. The toes were forced under the foot itself and the front of the foot was pulled toward the heel. This often broke several bones in the foot and aside from causing gangrene caused the girls to mature on tiny three-inch feet.While some girls did not achieve this extreme of three inches, girls with these tiny feet were called "golden lilies" or "lilly feet". The foot itself, the "golden lotus", was a sever health risk to the woman and anyone intimate with her.Because they knew of the risks and of how grotesque the feet could be under the wrappings,...

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