Chinese Invincible Women Fight With The Tragic Fate In The Past

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In the Chinese culture, the gender role stereotype is something that women today need to be aware of. The inequality of the sexes was extreme; males were hostile to females, and they despised women in the past because they were seen as fragile and incapable of high level jobs. Women were viewed as inferior. Men had rights of property ownership, while women needed to obey their fathers, husbands and sons. They were supposed to put their men's interests before their own. However, today China is changing. Many people from China now live all over the world and they have had to adapt to their new environment. Maxine Hong Kingston and Amy Tan are North American Asian writers whose families have been living in the United States. The contents of their two books are the situation of Chinese American life experiences, family and difficulties within the generational problems that occur between mothers and daughters. In The Woman Warrior and The Joy Luck Club, mothers tell stories to their daughters. They turn to their own experiences and cultural values so their daughters can avoid a tragic fate in America. They talk about the past, the legends passed down from generations and the beliefs of Chinese culture. The two stories expose the fate of women suffering from patriarchy and sexism in China. Maxine Hong Kingston and Amy Tan illustrate a cultural view on women's rights in the past. They tell stories of dissolving into American society and being raised by Chinese mothers. They show how immigrants try to pass on their values, instincts, and knowledge to the second generation. Kingston and Tan express their main concerns about the Chinese tradition existing for families that live outside China; they focus on the significance of telling stories, conflicts between mothers and daughters, and gender stereotypes.Story telling plays a crucial role in two novels. In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club and Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior , mothers tell their stories to daughters to warn them about tragedies. The majority are tragic stories that have important meanings for their daughters. They describe tragic pasts, Chinese legendary stories, and ghost stories based on the traditional Chinese cultural beliefs. To be a successful Asian American woman, mothers preach their powerful stories to affect the feelings of their daughters about their heritage, and at the same time, connect the Chinese and American cultures. In The Woman Warrior, Brave Orchid tells Kingston's narrator the story of her paternal aunt, a No Name Woman in China, who kills herself and her baby after she was raided by the village. The story shows the tragic fate of women suffering from sexism in old China. Mothers tell tragic stories in order to warn their daughters to avoid same fate. In The Woman Warrior, Brave Orchid says to her daughter: "you must not tell this to anyone" (Kingston 3). She tells a shameful story of her aunt, in order to prevent that past from reoccurring. She also tells a story...

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