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Chinese Society Essay

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There is no doubt today that the nature of Chinese society is distinctly similar to the society under the Mao era and even under the Deng Xiaoping era. Many attribute this change to the reform and opening that had occurred in China under Deng Xiaoping. The emergence of the internet coupled with sociological shifts has created a China that is closely relatable to the U.S society. This paper will discuss how society has changed through various topics such as, migration, dating, media, youth and religion. In addition, what factors elicited these changes and why?
China’s Migration
As a result of economic development, China’s third wave migration of rich families migrating to the U.S and other western countries has increased. It seemed as if China’s most wealth were giving a vote of no confidence to China. The new rich’s departure to the west suggested that the social environment had worsened. Red capitalism refers to an individual who is not from a communist party-state official’s family, that individual must forge a special relationship with powerful officeholder in order to make his business operation viable. This chapter in Perry Link’s, “Restless China,” discusses the hotel business case and states that for a commercial value to have potential it has to be controlled by the public official. This would allow the public official to collude with the manager to abuse the public property, including the financial returns in order to maximize their own personal gain. Hotel industry is not as lucrative, however, coal mining is. China has the largest coal mining industry in the world, a significant portion of the richest people in China are owners or managers of coal mines. Law enforcement personnel’s involvement in unlawful moneymaking has detrimental impacts on the general business environment. This chapter emphasized Juanxi; it is public knowledge that in China one needs to develop special connections with powerful and resourceful party-state bureaucrats to advance one’s business interest. In summary, the main arguments are that business people’s relations with the party-state authorities are laced with distrust and this leads to the need to anticipate ways to gain leverage over their partners. This creates pervasive insecurity about the future, causing business people to launder money, ship it overseas, and prepare to flee overseas themselves.
The Role of Juanxi
Continuing with Juanxi, this chapter discussed the hierarchical system in which people were provided information by rank: the higher a person’s rank the more and better information he or she got. At the lowest levels of the system, where news reports were public and open, content was strictly controlled so that the CCP never appeared in an unfavorable light. At the highest levels where only a handful of top leaders had access, reports were much more realistic and problems were addressed more factually. This system was to serve the needs of the party. This system has been maintained for...

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