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Chinese Swimming Training Program. Essay

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Introduction to Chinese Swimming.A non-profitable national mass sports organization founded in 1957 and a group member of the All-China Sports Federation, CSA supervises China's aquatic sports of swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming. As a national sports organization recognized by the Chinese Olympic Committee, CSA is China's sole legitimate representative in swimming world and regional governing bodies -- the International Amateur Swimming Federation (FINA) and the Asian Amateur Swimming Federation (AASF).Chinese National Swimming Team.Much harder efforts are needed before China could perform better in future Olympic swimming competitions in 2008 in Beijing, officials of the China Swimming Association (CSA) said."A tough challenge is ahead for us," said Li Hua, newly elected vice-president and secretary-general of Chinese swimming national governing body.China suffered dearly for doping scandals involving its swimmers during the 1990s, especially at the 1994 Asian Games and the 1998 FINA world championships, with quite a number of swimmers and coaches suspended consequently. These bitter lessons, however, helped Chinese coaches and swimmers rethink what is the true and better way to win honors for their country, Li said.But performance at the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney, 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok and this year's FINA world championships in Barcelona boosted Chinese swimmers' confidence and brought them from a historical low back to the right track. Only if we stick to the "down-to-the-earth" attitude, adopt the principles "focus on difficulty, strictness and true-to-game situation and high intensity" in training, the CSA official said."The national swimming team should play a leading role in our Olympic campaign," said Yuan Jiawei, CSA's deputy secretary-general. "Reshuffled one year ago, coaches and swimmers of the national team are fully carrying out the Program and, together with management, medical and scientific research personnel, they have become a real task force," Yuan said.The CSA officials did not hesitate to admit that China is no match to world swimming powers the United States and Australia, and it is no longer superior even over regional power Japan, although Chinese got more medals than its Asian rivals in Barcelona.The United States and Australia finished one-two in the final swimming medal table in Barcelona, with medal credit of 11-12-5 and 6-10-6 respectively. China was fifth on 3-0-4 and Japan ninth, 2-1-3.Study of Swimming in China1.Turning Technique of Elite Swimmers in Butterfly & Breaststroke.The objective of this study was to determine the kinematics differences of the turning technique in butterfly and breaststroke between elite Hong Kong swimmers and the finalists of British Commonwealth Games (BCG) in 1982 during 100m butterfly and breaststroke events. A video head was fixed into a water-resistance box, which was put underwater and mounted on the side of the pool. The motions of the butterfly...

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