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Chinese Tradition And Culture Essay

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The title of the story “No Name Women,” described by author Maxine Hong Kingston reveals how gender in Chinese Society, dictates your entire existence. Women’s roles in Chinese Society are self-less, and were anticipated to take orders from men without question. What it means to not have a name based on the implication of Kingston’s title, “No Name Women” (227) implies that women were less valued than men through custom and habit. Kingston exposes the sadistically unfair discrimination against her aunt through the experience of her mother’s “talk-stories.” Kingston’s mother discloses the consequences her aunt faced in their traditional Chinese village and why Kingston should never be like ...view middle of the document...

Kingston states “Those of us in the first American generations have had to figure out how the invisible world of emigrants built around our childhoods fit in solid America.”(229) All Kingston has left is the memories of her mother’s stories, she grew up on, in America she tries to reexamine her family’s history by first breaking the silence.
No Name Women is attacked because her action adultery, established by pregnancy, threatened socially standard behavior imposed through centuries of tradition. In America adultery is common and socially acceptable. Women are allowed to raise children on their own, with some help from the government, however it is starting to become a concern with the entire baby’s being born without a father to support that child financially. In Kingston’s society they are slightly parallel to the way American’s feel when we have to pay taxes to support others who choose to sleep around. Kingston’s village prohibits adultery because it is seen as another “mouth to feed,” which the village had to support. Hurry-up weddings took place to prevent women from having too many babies without the proper care to raise a child. It all comes down to money, and the financial support of babies being born without fathers. Traditionally in China, couples are limited to two children, boys are kept and girls are sent to orphanages. Not in all cases will baby-girls be sent to orphanages, Kingston’s grandfather adopted a female into the family, which Kingston believes her grand-dad was completely mindless. Her grandfather’s uniqueness loved you no matter what gender you were. Sons conveyed in high demand because they could pass on the family’s name, ensuring a family’s stability and permanency.
The nature of a modern Chinese society, in which women were conditioned to do as they were told, without question Kingston comes up with many theory’s on why her aunt committed infidelity. At the time it was nearly impossible for her aunt to be pregnant by her husband...

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