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The culture that had the most impact on the modern world varies on opinion from scholar to scholar. Most can agree however; that the Chinese and the Greeks had the most influence. Emphasis should be placed on how Greek culture has spread farther and affected the world in ways the Chinese was unable to. We can see most roots of modern Western culture lying within the Ancient Greek.
Ancient Greece had a very large impact on todays’ modern world. The Greeks developed many amazing inventions, and ideals that have shaped our society. The various fields that were advanced include architecture, democracy, philosophy, science, and social occurrences (arts, sports, etc.). The Greeks were very ...view middle of the document...

The political systems are both democracies allowing citizens to vote on laws. Ancient Chinese government was not excluded from establishing their own bureaucratic empire and while few documents exist, information that was created by the government has been archived. This information can lend hand to some of the ways the various problems were addressed in ancient China, and allow us to compare it to modern day society. The government in ancient China was ruled by dynasties which is a line of rulers, following in a bloodline. These dynasties were sometimes united under one common name but controlled different regions. This is because the massive amount of land and population demanded a strong centralized government. The ruling dynasty’s king was to become the emperor. Governments were typically tyrannical, creating their own rules and enforcing them ruthlessly. A philosophy called Confucianism was developed in China that established social values that had a moral background.
The various philosophical, scientific and social inventions of ancient Greece have been the established roots for modern day Western culture. Some examples of great works of literacy coming from the Greeks include Homer’s The Iliad as well as The Odyssey. Some other famous influential people include poet Sappho, and dramatist Sophocles. Many new philosophical ideas were established in ancient Greece, most common works created by Aristotle and Plato. There were many...

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