Chinook Salmon Are On The Verge Of Being Endangered???         Yes,

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Chinook salmon are on the verge of being endangered??? Yes, Chinook salmon are endangered. Early in the semester we found out that the Chinook salmon were placed on the threatened endangered list because only 250 came back this last spring. Mr. Shumway's third period class went out to the streams to see if those streams could support salmon. We went to Berthusen Park, where Bertrand creek is; the other place we went to was Lynden City Park, where Fishtrap creek is. We spent two days at each stream gathering as much information as we could include: pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, saturation percent, macroinvertebrates/water quality, velocity, and everything on the reach. Let me start out first on why we decided to go to the stream in the first place. We went to the stream to look for all the signs that salmon could live there and be able to spawn. We wanted to see if these streams were a problem for the Chinook. Stream conditions should match these that were found on five or more drops for Dissolved Oxygen, a pH of 6.5-7.5, it must be fifty degrees Fahrenheit or below, a saturation of 90% or greater, good or excellent macroinvertebrates, 1-3ft velocity, 70% of native plants, needs to be almost completely shaded, needs to be a diverse stream about 1-1 riffle, and a good gravel mix for breeding. Enough with the basic stuff and lets get into what my group's results were and if they were good or bad for salmon. We tested half at one stream and half at the other one. For dissolved oxygen and pH we tested at Lynden City Park whose stream is Fishtrap creek. We tested in two to three different places and tested each place twice. We tested in a riffle and in a calm pool. The results for the riffles we seven drops to make the liquid clear and when we tested in the calm pool we also received the result of seven drops to make the liquid clear. PH levels were the same in both places a sturdy seven. This pH and Dissolved Oxygen were both great for salmon the drops were a little over 5 drops and the pH was right in the middle of the small scale for salmon. My group also tested the saturation, temperature, and velocity at Lynden City Park's Fishtrap Creek. Our saturation results were 100 percent they were good for salmon because saturation percent needed to be at least 90 percent or better this was said at How we found out saturation was you have a chart and match up the points. The temperature my group found was good for salmon at ten more then the recommended temperature. It was a sixty degree Fahrenheit. That makes it so salmon can spawn at the Fishtrap creek without endangering themselves to death. The next one we tested and was the last at Fishtrap creek in Lynden City Park was the velocity. We found out what velocity we needed at The velocity was tested by marking off a fifty feet zone...

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