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Chinua Achebe's Life And Career Essay

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Chinua Achebe gave us a different outlook on Africa through his writing. His life was very much dedicated to his career. Although he might have thought of it as a passion, Achebe’s impactful literature led him to many educational accomplishments that influenced many.

It all started in Eastern Nigeria where Chinua Achebe was borned on November 16th, 1930. Although he had Christian parents, Ibo traditional values influenced him too. At the age of eight he began to learned English; right from the beginning he had already shown his love of education because he was an outstanding student and he read really well. In addition he was selected out of fourteen to attend a government college, ...view middle of the document...

Achebe did not stop there, he continued to work on his education and wrote more African novels as well. To show he has reached incredible academic achievements he has earned twenty honorary doctorates to his name from universities all over the world. In 1987 he also received the Nigerian National Merit Award, which is the country’s highest honor for intellectual achievement. In addition his novels were doing as well as he was. For example he has published many award winning, African-oriented children books, short stories, and other novels, that allows readers to see different aspect of Africa. Due to the fact that Achebe was greatly admired for his writing skill he also toured the U.S with fellow writers giving lectures at various universities. Which led him to become an English professor at the University of Nigeria from 1976-1981. Another big career achievement Achebe had was that he co-founded a publishing company called Citadel Press, which they intended to run as an outlet for a new kind of African - inspired children’s book. Achebe’s life was fulfill with many accomplishments through his passion of writing.

Since Chinua Achebe was a successful and influential writer he had a big impact on other authors. Most of Achebe’s works were mostly based on what he knew, which was Africa. During his time post-colonized Africa was perceived poorly due to the media, and he transformed the way of other novelists’ and readers’ thinking through his writing. Achebe achieved a huge goal that probably all writers dream of achieving which was to effect the world. In fact one of his major goals was “to challenge stereotypes, myths, and the image of ourselves and our continent,” and he accomplished that. One of the many writers who are influenced by Achebe was Chimamanda Ngou Adide, and she won the Orange Prize for fiction for Half of a Yellow Sun. Achebe inspires...

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