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Chipping Away At Intel Essay

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Change is constant in any industry whether its personnel movement or technology advancement organizations are looking to get a head. Many organizations restructure their business constantly and this may lead to more jobs or loss of job. In today’s society beginning able to keep up with change is necessary. If a company fails and continues with old patterns and does not seek to get ahead the company can fall behind, which may lead to detrimental effects within the organization. As stated by Ready (2013) “It is often necessary to make big changes in organizations. Companies get locked into old patterns, fall behind competitors, or otherwise end up poorly aligned to their markets and ...view middle of the document...

For example, Intel withdrew from the production of network servers and routers after copping flak from Dell and Cisco, its biggest customers for its chips, for directly competing with them in these other markets.” Barrett’s market direction was due to the downturn of the economic failure due to 911. He’s lack of knowledge created an upset and eventual loss of market shares. The downturn not only affected his investment but it also created a down spiral to the competition. Any well thought out market strategies can produce substantial profit and even with declining markets but its understanding how to navigate through these markets that can promote a drive in a market. Barrett’s competitive edge was creating ways with other companies such as Cisco and Dell that he decided to pull from these markets due to competition. Barrett’s idea was redefined Intel to create a new and better organization by avoiding duplication and creating better operations. As stated by Mullins, J.W. and Walker (2014) “Both analyzers and defenders can attempt to sustain a competitive advantage in established product-markets through differentiation of their product offering (either on the basis of superior quality or service) or by maintaining a low-cost position.” Barrett change in directions was to refocus and create a new Intel but the constant reorganization did not gain the notoriety that Barrett was hoping for he was merely trying to change the structure and applying new jobs without a set path that may lead to something else in the future. Barrett’s stir did cause confusion in job identities even though he was trying reestablish Intel to continue to make high-quality products without missing a beat.
Although, Barrett’s success was rollercoaster he managed to keep his company afloat. His last leg before his retirement was met with poor market acceptance when he introduced Intel’s Itanium processor, which didn’t turn out as planned due to the smaller market. Barrett’s came to realize that the Itanium processor where not working he changed his path to...

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