Chiropractic Myths: Low Back Pain Essay

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Following history to today’s society, there are many myths involved with chiropractic care including stroke, low back issues and that chiropractors are not real doctors. This paper is going to target low back pain specifically, myths regarding chiropractors cannot treat individuals that have had back surgery and that chiropractors actually cause disc herniation.
Eighty percent of adults’ experiences back pain at some time in their lives. Of those seeking professional care, 70% of patients will go to either a primary care medical physician (MD) or a chiropractor (DC) (1). The travesty of the American population with low back complaints and pain is on the rise and chiropractors may be ...view middle of the document...

As degeneration continues there is more likeliness that degeneration will advance until either stabilization occurs or balance has been achieved in the spine. Despite intervention, reported long-term complication of fusion is the development of “adjacent segments degeneration”, defined as the radiographic presence of disc deterioration adjacent to the surgically treated disc (2). Although surgery has been on the rise failed back surgery syndrome is a growing concern in the United States and defined as “ a condition where after lumbar surgery the patient is not; physically comfortable without regular medication or treatment, is not economically productive if they so desire, and is not able to undertake reasonable family, sporting and recreational activities” (3). As problems persist, chiropractors are an option for individuals with failed back syndrome or potentially an alternative treatment before surgery is considered. Related to failed back syndrome prior to surgery, a chronic degenerative condition is present lasting 6 months or longer. According to (4) chronic low back pain condition may not only be complicated by lumbar disc involvement but also delayed in progress by patient’s conception of a chronic low back condition. Successful treatment including chiropractic adjustments and spinal stabilization exercises may involve the deprogramming of a “chronic” perception. Following the information about low back pain and chiropractic myths regarding disc herniation and treating post surgery, chiropractors are known to be effective and will utilize research articles to support and dispute these myths.
In the chiropractic practice on average the number 1 complaint is low back pain or discomfort. For most patients there are standards but the utilization for different techniques can be used based on the severity and complication of the diagnosis. Using a functional restoration approach including manual chiropractic manipulative therapy, trunk strengthening and stabilization exercises, proprioceptive training and a cardiovascular rehabilitation program can maximize cost efficiency and minimize treatment time by strengthening the area of injury and restoring function (5). Along with the office visit plan an active care plan when the individuals are at home or doing daily activities can also be done and help further along the treatment or care plan. Incorporation of active care allows the patient with or without pain to restore normal function, thus the patient can become more productive in their lifestyle and possibly avoid surgery (4). Following statistics and standards to patient care there are specific techniques for disc involvement and post surgical intervention such as activator or cox flexion distraction. Regarding these listed techniques several cases have been reviewed to describe the ranges of severity from acute to long-term chronic conditions.
To support the chiropractic myth regarding to disc herniation several articles will...

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