Chivalry, Politically Incorrect? <Tab/>Who Would Have Thought That Chivalry, A Sense Of Justice, And Honor Above All Else Would Be Accosted By A Modern Society And The Legal System?

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Chivalry, Politically Incorrect?Who would have thought that chivalry, the idealization of virtue, military courtesy, a sense of justice, unconditional devotion, and honor above all else would be accosted by a modern society and the legal system? Who would accuse the medieval King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table principles as unjust or thought of as an object of scorn? Present day American society, that's who would dare to attack such a noble tradition. This western cultural tradition of defending a woman's honor, protecting property, living honorably, and practicing common courtesy has come under attack in the disguise of all being created equal under the law, looking out for number one, and living in society with no regard for fairness. Chivalry is considered to be politically incorrect. I don't believe the founding fathers of this country ever intended this to be the interpretation of equality. I believe the use of the term politically correct (PC)to have overstepped the spirit of law and abandoned common sense.The equal rights for women originated with their fighting back for men's cruel ownership mentality toward women, the control over othersby the insecure, and men feeling of lessening their manhood if women were treated equally. A Knight would have championed such a woman to his death, if necessary. Opening doors for women and the elderly is not out of style, just not PC. Chivalry is not gender specific, it can and should be a practice by all. In my family, the men treat the women respectfully. It has always been the rule rather than the exception. My mother and all of my aunts have college degrees and choose to work outside the home. Family decisions are usually a result of consensus where both the men and the women have equal input. That is not to say they don't argue from time to time, to get their points across. But mutual respect by each is the lesson passed on to their children. The opening of doors, giving up seats, and treating women as equals is the rule in my family and with most of my friends.The matter of protecting property still lives, somewhat. The riotingof people that pilfer and destroy other's property does happen. But the neighborhood watches,...

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