Chlamydia Prevelance Among Female College Students In Alabama: A Social Epidemic

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Chlamydia Prevalence among Female College Students in Alabama: A Social EpidemicCharles C. MuellerTroy UniversityAbstractThe prevalence of the sexually transmitted infection chlamydia in female college students aged 18 to 24 in Alabama post-secondary institutions has topped the nation's leading cause of sexually transmitted diseases from 2005 to the present. Prevalence, etiology, risk-behaviors and potential solutions to reducing the spread of Chlamydia in college and university populations will be presented.Chlamydia Prevalence among Female College Students in Alabama: A Social EpidemicSexually transmitted infections have increased on college and university campuses in Alabama in recent years. According to Trojan Brand Condom's 2010 annual ranking of sexual health resources at American Colleges and Universities, Troy State University - main campus ranked 130th as being one of the worst sexually healthy schools (Trowery & Sevin, 2010, p. 5) when compared with the 2007 rating of 94th which represents the University's lowest rating (Sperling, 2007, p. 3) Just a year later in 2008, Troy's sexual health report card dropped from 94 to 116th in the nation (Saleh & Trowery, 2008, p. 5). In 2009, Troy State University hit its all-time low of 132th (Goldstein & Trowery, 2009, p. 3). In the three year annual reports published by Trojan Condoms, demonstrates a consistently declining trend with regards to Troy University's sexual health. Perhaps one of the biggest factors is the incidence of students becoming infected with sexually transmitted infections who either go unreported, untreated, or simply fail to recognize the signs and symptoms. Young women ages 18 to 24 are often the victims of acquiring sexually transmitted infections (Kouman, Sternberg, & Montamed, 2005, p. 211).Scope and ComplexityThe incidences of chlamydial infections on the Troy University main campus have steadily increased over the past 4 years.(Trowery & Sevin, 2010, p. 2) It is estimated that 1 in every 5 women who attend Troy University have either previously had or presently have a sexually transmitted infection. ("ADPH - STD Trends," 2010, p. 6) Most commonly the STI is chlamydia. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2007, p. 1) By comparing local, state, and national prevalence of chlamydia, it allows the opportunity to address the complexities surrounding its prevalence, etiology, risk-behaviors, and key psychological theories to explain this expansion. Furthermore, by evaluating this data, it is the aim to suggest tangible solutions on how to reduce the incidences of chlamydial infections and to develop more aggressive strategies to prevent its spread and better protect the students that attend this great university. While there are numerous factors that contribute to the acquisition,...

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