Chloe Marie Essay

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Introduction: the book is about how his girls dies and has to deal with complications and confusions that go on in the after life

Rising Action: Madison Avery goes to costume themed prom with a guy named Josh who she doesn’t show any interest towards at the dance. Later on she finds a really good-looking dude and they both see each other at the same time and both start walking towards each other and then they start dancing leaving josh shocked at what had just happened to him.

Climax: They dance for a while and then Madison suggests that they leave cause the party was a bust. He said his name was Seth. They get to his car and start driving to her house thinking that it would be an enjoyable ride since he looked like a really great person. Then all of a sudden he suddenly changes into a quiet and almost lifeless person and just looked really mean and scary and creepy. After a while she asks him a few questions and answers with an answer totally unrelated to what she was talking about and she eventually got really scared and asked him to stop the car ‘cause she wanted to get out and get as far away as possible as possible. Instead he swirls the car and crashes it and Madison is woozy and hears two people arguing right before she blacks out dead. She wakes up and discovers that she is suddenly in a body bag and climbs out of it but to only discover again that she is looking at herself, in a body bag. She sees the people who she saw was arguing before she blacked out to still be arguing near the front door. She asks them who they were and what was going on and who was Seth. The explained that they were there to help her understand what she was now and what was going on. They said that she was a reaper and that she had to stay near them and around their pendants they were around...

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