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Chocolate Allergy Essay

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Chocolates have benefits that can cure allergy but there are people who suffer from chocolate allergy. Chocolates are an addiction to many of us and researchers have found that dark chocolates contain antioxidants. This makes it a reason for many of us to indulge on it all the more.
Chocolate allergy falls in Allergies Type 1, also known as contact allergy. Chocolate, a very delicious and mouth watering food is actually a very complex food that contains 300 chemical compounds like caffeine, element calcium. P- hydroxyphenylacetic-acid, Stearodiolein and Leucocyanidins. The other important chemical components found in chocolate are a chemical compound called theobromine, a neurotransmitter called serotonin and anandamide, antioxidants, phenylethylamine and a tiny amount of caffeine.

Cause of Chocolate Allergy
The culprit of chocolate allergy may be rarely the cocoa or chocolate itself and is most likely to be triggered by an allergen or an ingredient of chocolate.
• Nuts: A common allergen is found in chocolates
• Milk: milk chocolates contain as much as 10 percent of milk, is another common allergen.
• Corn and soy: are other common allergens. Soy in the form of soy lecithin and corn as corn syrup are popular ingredients found in chocolates.
• Wheat and gluten: used in the production of chocolate candies also triggers allergy reaction.

Chocolate Allergy Symptoms
Some people may have an allergic reaction after eating chocolate, symptoms
Of this kind of allergy are given below
• Running nose
• Breathing problems
• Headaches
• Heartburns
• Anxiety
• Skin rashes
• Itching
• Rashes
• Hives
Chocolate Allergy Test
The only way to be sure of chocolate allergy is to get tested by a well trained physician. There is also the home food allergy test available in the market. The ALCAT test, a simple blood test that measures the sensitivities of food based on the reaction by the immune cells. It is the only proven lab in detecting food allergy under the control of a U.S. government certified laboratory.

What actually happens in chocolate allergy?
As mentioned above, the chocolate allergy may be due to the ingredients used in chocolates as true allergy to chocolate and cocoa are very rare to get.
The proteins found in chocolates trigger a reaction by the immune system. This causes the histamines and antibodies to release a blood stream that attempts to neutralize the protein. These chemicals are responsible for the symptoms caused during chocolate allergy. In some case, adrenaline is administrated to control the severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis.

Home Remedies for Chocolate Allergy
The only way to treat chocolate allergy is to avoid it and also other food products that contain...

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