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We have collected secondary research that will be used in efforts to provide information and background to our topic of origin of chocolate and its impact on a customer’s buying decision. Statistics on chocolate and various types of Canadian consumers has been provided through this venue of research. Secondary research has aided us by providing insight on our target market or consumers who buy chocolate and list potential factors of consideration for our further studies. We have configured a summary report of relevant sources to our topic of research. This will act as a foundation for our primary research which will fill in the gaps and specific information we need to answer our research question.
Most consumers who eat chocolate do not have knowledge about “different regions and strains of cocoa bean deliver subtly different taste profiles, as do varied fermentation methods, soils and even seasons…” (Addy, 2011). Emphasis is placed on the origin of the manufacturing of the chocolate by both consumers and manufacturers but cocoa beans are not grown in the same country as they are manufactured; for example, Swiss chocolate. Swiss chocolate is manufactured in Switzerland but its cocoa beans are from Africa. 50% of Swiss chocolate cocoa beans are from the West African nation of Ghana as revealed by Kaspar Meuli (2012). This is supported by M. Harris as he discusses that “While many of us count Dutch, Belgian, Swiss, French or German chocolate as favourites, chocolate elitists are quick to point out that cocoa beans don't actually grow in those places” (2003). El Rey Chocolate epitomizes how customers’ perception of a brand can hinge upon its country of origin. According to an article by Rohit Deshpandé in Harvard Business Review (2010), El Rey Chocolate had been having trouble selling the product outside of its home market of Venezuela. The author claims that this is mainly attributed to the fact that “consumers have been conditioned to believe that great chocolate comes from Europe, not South America” (HBR, 2010). Since the quality of El Rey Chocolate is perceived to be lower than the likes of Godiva or Lindt Chocolate because of its Venezuelan origin, El Rey is forced to lower the price of its chocolates. As a direct result, many consumers also associate El Rey’s lower price with inferior quality. While price is not the factor we are delving into with this research project, it is still a major part of the vicious circle that can surround the buying behavior of a consumer. Due to these examples of previous research conducted, we will be researching consumers’ thoughts and considerations on the origin of the chocolate product versus the origin of the actual cocoa beans.
Our research has also caused us to investigate the different consumer groups we should consider analyzing in order to better our insight into the behaviours of consumers with varying traits. Print Measurement Bureau has revealed that 64.9% of the Canadian population has eaten...

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