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As discussed in my last week papers--Decision in Paradise I and II-that the Island of Kava is faced with numerous problems such as natural disasters as well as cultural and language diversity, limited economic resources and under-age population. There are numerous solutions to the issues on how LTT can develop a greater presence and assist the people of the Island. Additionally, another goal of LTT is to maintain strong, ethical behavior and prove that greater presence can be achieved in the international market without compromising on the quality of those goals. LTT used different tools and techniques to identify the main problems and symptoms affecting the Island when evaluating the results. The analysis of the results provides a foundation for the decisions that need to be made. The results of the decision are dependent on the implementation and effectiveness of the solutions. The implementation also requires ethical implications from people of Island and the government and business groups involved in the process.Several factors can affect the implementation process in LTT. Strategic management plays a major role in the decision implementation. Lack of a strategic manager or planner in LTT can delay the implementation of the solutions. As defined in an article titled, "Strategic Management, a Three-step Process that Includes Planning, Execution, and Monitoring, is a More Powerful Means of Optimizing the Long-term Performance of an Organization", (Rutan, 2006, Para.1). A Strategic manager position or role will aid the managers of different local areas or different training centers by reducing the time spent on solution implementation. This position will provide LTT local managers with more time that can be spent on finding productive training and serving as a liaison between agencies to help people of the Island generate revenue. The Strategic manager will also play a major role liaison between the government, business groups and local managers to keep managers informed of the need as well as informing different support groups of their progress.Another factor that can affect the decision implementation process involves the diversity of cultures and languages. The people of the Island will need to be part of LTT. It will also provide the training centers at different locations, thereby providing different training in different languages. The need for control over all the locations is an important factor for decision implementation, but can also create problems between different locations or local managers. Different training centers should be divided based on geographical or cultural needs and these centers can operate relatively independent of the main office. The freedom of independence will provide motivation to achieve objectives, while helping the main office or headquarter to focus on business-related decisions, rather than providing different training and language availability at the training centers.Resources play a vital role in all...

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