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INTRODUCTIONDecision-making is the critical key to the survival of an organisation, more so in this present time where we see economic boundaries between countries crumble and businesses become more complex, global and knowledge-driven. Managers need to ensure that their organisations are continuously innovated and improved in order to achieve and maintain a sustainable competitive edge. In fact, Potter (1985) highlighted that it is this competitive ability which is considered to be at the core of the success or failure of a firm. Managers realise that if their organisations are to survive in this dynamic and uncertain environment, they have to make decisions concerning new business opportunities, products, customers, suppliers, markets and technical developments. This clearly indicates that the most important managerial attribute is the ability to make the right decision. The outcomes of the decisions will be used as the benchmark to evaluate whether managers are successful or not. Therefore, the question that arises is how managers make decisions and whether they are rational or irrational.DEFINITIONStoner and Freeman (1989, p.165) defined decision making as "a process of identifying and selecting a course of action to deal with a specific problem or take advantage of an opportunity". Decisions are at the heart of any organisation, which relates to nearly every level of an organisation. Making-decision can be difficult for a number of reasons such as the organisational structure, human behavioural, organisational culture, uncertainties, incomplete information, multiple objectives, complexity of the problem and anxiety, which directly influence the decision making process. Regardless of the constraints, managers have to make decisions. Under any circumstances, decisions made cannot and must not be wrong because decisions are the mechanisms by which decision-makers try to accomplish the goals of the organisation; they are the means to an end.Decision-making is utmost important to the organisation progression and development. Organisation progression from one development stage to another is known as "Organisational Life". The responsibility to steer the organisation from one stage to another lies in the hands of managers. Their capabilities as decision-makers are measured by their ability to find efficient and progressive solutions for further development. It is therefore arguably that the single most important thing decision-makers do. And on a personal note, the quality of his decisions determines his success in the organisation.Huber (1980) stated that there are two approaches to management decision making. The first is concerned with the development and application of standard decision rules based on formal logic derived from data, which is called the programmed decision. The second, which involves descriptive accounts of how people actually go about making decisions and choices, is known as the non-programmed decision. Managers' utmost...

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Decision Making Essay

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