Decision Making: Fallacy Summary And Application

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There are several important components to critical thinking. One aspect of particular significance is logical correctness. In order to be a more effective in decision making, one should be able to recognize and avoid logical fallacies whenever possible According to Bassham (2002), a fallacy is "an argument that contains a mistake in reasoning.This paper will discuss three logical fallacies and their impact to critical thinking and decision making. The fallacies that will be discussed are:First, Appeal to Pity fallacy, Second, "Ad Hominem" or personal attack fallacy, and third the false alternatives or false dilemma fallacy. The first is an appeal to emotion fallacy. The personal attack fallacy is of relevance. And the third is a fallacy of insufficient evidence.Appeal to Pity FallacyThe first discussed fallacy is the Appeal to Pity fallacy. The Nizcor Project website (2005) defines Appeal to Pity as "a fallacy in which a person substitutes a claim intended to create pity for evidence in an argument." In other words, occurs when someone tries to win support for his/her argument or idea by exploiting the other person's feelings, pity, or guilt.In a work environment, one can find this type of fallacy when in a work interview, the person who wants the job says something like "I will do great in that position, I really need this job. I have three children and one is sick, I have to take him to the doctor every week." Even though this person may be telling the true, this line of reasoning is incorrect. To prove a statement "do great in that position" he needs to use correct thinking, not a fallacy directed to manipulate other people's feelings.Other good examples that I found of "The appeal to pity" fallacy are:Wikipedia (2005) "I hope you like my proposal. It took me six years to write and I don't know what I'd do if you reject it.""Look at that poor homeless kitty. I bet it hasn't eaten in days. You should adopt it."Personal Attack FallacyThe fallacy of a personal attack is committed (Bassham, 2002), "When we reject a person's argument or claim by attacking the person rather than the person's argument or claim" in other words, this fallacy involves attacking the arguer instead than the argument. This fallacy is very widespread. More than a few times, the attack involves racial discrimination or other types of discrimination. This form of rejection is not logical. I believe that the personal attack fallacy is one of the easiest to recognize.A good example of Personal Attack Fallacy can be seen when teams are created in a...

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Fallacy Summary and Application Essay

1606 words - 6 pages Fallacy Summary and ApplicationAbstract:The focus of this paper is on logical errors known as fallacies. If an argument contains a fallacy, then the conclusion will not necessarily be proven (Richardson, para 2). Some fallacies are merely accidental, but fallacies can also be used to trick a listener or reader into believing faulty conclusions. This paper will describe three logical fallacies and give an example of each.Fallacy Summary and

Fallacy Summary and Application Essay

1186 words - 5 pages department head feels as if the suggestion is way out in left field. The paper then discussed what critical thinking is and why fallacy arguments are important to critical thinking. And lastly discussed was the general application of critical thinking and fallacies to decision-making.References:Patnaik, P. (2002, January). On Some Common Macroeconomic Fallacies. Retrieved December 18, 2005, from http://www.networkideas.orgThe Associated Press

Fallacy Summary and Application

975 words - 4 pages fallacies are essential to critical thinking and decision-making and three logical fallacies that can occur: the fallacy of equivocation, the loaded question fallacy, and the straw man fallacy.The fallacy of equivocation transpires when a single word or phrase is used with two different meanings in an argument. In order to prove that the fallacy of equivocation has occurred, a person must identify the word that is used twice and then provide a

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920 words - 4 pages thinking (Bassham, Irwin, Nardone Wallace, 2002). This paper will show a few examples of fallacious argument and their effects on decision-making.One fallacy that can be easily found is the fallacy of appeal to emotion. Most often used in political arenas, the appeal to emotion calls upon the listener to believe claims by the speaker based upon their emotions toward him or her. Often, the appeal to emotion fallacy will be used to "to move people

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1061 words - 4 pages employee to work hard and create a good project to present. Our company needs to focus and make decisions based on the facts contained within the presentation, not out of pity for the presenter. Any decision made from pity would surely come back to haunt us in some manner.The third example of fallacies would be the slippery slope fallacy. This one is a fallacy of insufficiency. The slippery slope is an argument that states adopting one policy or

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1084 words - 4 pages Critical thinking is essential skill for good decision-making and problem solving. As in most decision-making and problem solving situations, arguments are important in proving your ideas or claims to be reasonable, but sometimes those arguments can be fallacious. "A logical fallacy--or fallacy, for short--is an argument that contains a mistake in reasoning." (Bassham, Irwin, Nardone, and Wallace, 2002) Fallacies are common in everyday life and

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1417 words - 6 pages Fallacies are common in the world but also very commonly overlooked. They are everywhere in the news, advertisements, organization, and even said between two people. People usually do not pay any attention to a fallacy. They are usually recognized when someone is looking for them. They are often pointed out all over the news, in journals, etc. Below, there are many different fallacies listed. Some are from reading material and some are from

Fallacy Summary and Application Paper

1325 words - 5 pages AbstractIn my paper I will identify and define three fallacies. I will explain their significance in relation to the Critical Thinking process and discuss their application to Decision - Making. Lastly, I will provide examples to illustrate each of the chosen fallacies.Fallacy Summary and Application PaperWhat do you see when you look at Begging the Question, Hasty Generalization, and Appealing to Emotion? When you initially look at these three

Fallacy Summary and Application Paper

937 words - 4 pages argument or fallacy to determine what is right. To do that we could again frame out a rebuttal and ask questions from all sides of the argument to generate the best possible solution. Or we could borrow a few tools from the Stages of Making a Decision. (McGraw-Hill Co. 2002) For this last fallacy example and many others using the first stage of decision-making is a great tool. Identifying and diagnosing the fallacy is a great way of using critical

Fallacy Summary and Application Paper

632 words - 3 pages Jordan were to sell basketballs or basketball shoes, he would have some credibility. The person whom lives down the street knows about as much as Michael Jordan does when it comes to underwear.ConclusionCritical thinking has to be a crucial part of any successful organization, because in order for good decision-making process to be made, hypotheses must be correct and checked. Fallacies like Questionable Cause, Appeal to Emotion, and Non

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1095 words - 4 pages it also helps one to learn better reasoning and debating skills which can be applied in every day decision making. The process of looking for logical fallacies can help one to better understand the subject one is reading about or discussing. Knowing how to identify fallacies and how to avoid using them can make one better prepared to refute false ideas and present the truth (Richardson, 2004).ReferenceDionne, E.J. (1997). In battle of credibility

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1358 words - 5 pages , explain their significance to critical thinking, discuss the general application to decision-making, and provide examples that illustrate each fallacy. Further analysis of fallacies indicates several characteristics common in all fallacies. Most typical are logical fallacies. Logical fallacies are errors in interpretation. They can be categorized into relevant fallacies, where the premises are not relevant to the conclusion, and insufficient

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1324 words - 5 pages analogy. Each of these fallacies has examples of how they can be applied to today's organizations. Each of these fallacies will be explained as to the significance to critical thinking and its general application to decision making. Each of these fallacies can have multiple meanings, but they can all be simplified into one main meaning. [Well developed.] The first fallacy, appeal to pity or emotion, will be defined and related to decision

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783 words - 3 pages to discourage the public from investigating the truth.People use fallacies in every type of argument that exists. Fallacies are usually a way to persuade listener's to agree with the arguer's argument. Most times they are used to lead the audience away from the truth and create a false sense of logic. Everyone should be weary of fallacy. It is very important during decision making in all aspects of life to examine arguments and look for the truth

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870 words - 3 pages disprove the existence of UFOs or other forms of life in the Universe, that life must exist and conduct ongoing research in an effort to provide proof. Many of the members of the SETI organization that believe in extraterrestrial beings (show me proof that they do not exist) are proponents of this argument.A fallacy of personal attack occurs when the person arguing or making claims is attacked instead of the actual argument or claim. This is a