Decision Making Identify And Describe A Minimum Of 3 Problems, Relating To Decision Making That Occur When Managers Complete Performance Reviews.

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When managers and supervisors perform employee's performance appraisal/performance evaluations it has come to my attention that they are being inconsistent in the way they rate or evaluate employees. This could jeopardize our performance appraisal program. The problems I found can be rectified very easily and need to be taken care of as soon as possible. One of the problems I found was many managers and supervisors are affected by the halo effect they have a tendency to rate an employee high in all categories based on his or her performance in one or two areas. Some managers and supervisors are affected by the devil effect where as they tend to rate an employee low in all categories based on the employees performance in one or two areas. (, nd) This defeats the purpose of the appraisal which is to improve motivation, growth, and performance of the employee, because it is inaccurate, and doesn't give specifics as to the employee's strengths and weakness. In order to evaluate an employee for improvements in their performances to help increase productivity the employee has to be evaluate in a non bias why on all aspects of their job through out the year. To correct this problem managers and supervisors need to spend more time evaluating employees through out the year on all aspects of the employee's job. The managers and supervisors also need to document throughout the year their findings. They need to communicate to employees on a regular basis their findings, good and bad in order to allow employees the opportunity for improvement and to recognize their achievements. I also found that many managers and supervisors are affected by Contrast effect where as if an employee's previous performance was of superior quality and the present performance is of average quality the managers and supervisors have a tendency to rate the present performance poor rather than average based on having an expectation of the employee's past performance. Managers and supervisors are also comparing employees with each other they tend to evaluate employees against one another instead of against a fixed standard. (Changing minds, 2008) This creates friction, destroys morale, and encourages competition among employees and makes it virtually impossible for employees to work in teams. It also causes tension between managers and employees; this can erode the productivity of work place. (Bacal, 1998) In order to correct this problem managers and supervisors need to review the employee's job performance by using the set criteria for each specific job as listed in the employee's job description. (, nd) Another problem I found was that some managers and supervisors have been affected by the leniency bias where as they have a tendency to rate employees higher than is warranted, exaggerating the employees performance. The explanation for this is that some managers assume exaggerating an employee rating will motivate them to improve their performance; others...

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