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A murder of a black teen on November 23, 2012 at a local gas station in Florida was a tragic event, Michael Dunn a white middle-aged male opened fire on a car containing four unarmed black teens his reasoning for firing openly on the teens was he claimed he felt threatened because the teenagers choice of music which was rap and the loud volume they were playing it. He openly fired on these innocent teens because they were doing something he did not care for, along with him stereotyping the teens because they were black and had fatefully chosen to play rap music rather loudly he felt threatened by their freedom of speech to play whatever music they so choose without having to be in fear. As ...view middle of the document...

His actions are in close contrast to the highly publicized George Zimmerman trial which a White man opened fire on an unarmed black teen and the result was the teen died, Zimmerman’s verdict was unfortunately not guilty. Florida state law which Dunn’s attorney and Zimmerman’s used was Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, a person may justifiably use force in self-defense without an obligation to retreat first. The prosecutor attorney John Guy said to the jurors, “If he was truly acting in self-defense, he wouldn’t have been running from everybody, he would not have lied to the police, he wouldn’t have changed his story” pleading with the jurors to find justice for Davis and all other teens who in the future who may be put in danger for harmlessly playing music that others may not like.
Dunn claims he was told by Davis that Jordan Davis was going to kill him, but had Dunn just ignored the taunting by the teens and gone about his day he would have never been in this situation. He was parked right next to the teens and asked them to turn the music down, they proceed to turn it down but then turned the volume back up he did not like to be defied, angered Dunn who then progressed to shot Jordan Davis three times at point-blank range Jordan would have never had a chance to defend himself Dunn clearly knew Jordan would not walk away from the injuries he caused him. The teens had no obligation to turn their music down Dunn had no power over these teens and because of that his ego was bruised and wanted to teach them if was not right to disobey him. The way Dunn acted he knew the repercussions of his actions because it is common knowledge that if someone is shot at point-blank range the victim would be severely injured. Then he continued to shoot at the car after the driver tried to drive away he surely would have harmed more of the teenagers had the driver Tommy Storns not attempted to get out of harm’s way by reversing the car. He actually drove off to a motel that night found out that next morning that one of the teens he shot at died he did not turn himself in he instead drove home only to finally be arrested because a homeless man wrote down the license plate of Dunn’s car. He clearly was not going to turn himself in to the authorities when he had the chance, also his neighbor and friend a police officer who he claimed he told about the shooting which was later found out to be false gave him an opportunity to hangout only days after the shooting, but Dunn lied and said he could not. Which makes Dunn look like he was avoiding law enforcement adding injury to his already crumbling defense.
The issue of race and blatant stereotyping was mostly ignored during the trial, which was unfortunate because it was a strong factor in the events which transpired the issue of race was also ignored during the trial for Treyvon Martin. Dunn wrote to his family in jail claiming more people should arm themselves to stop “black thugs” acting as a miscreant, to deter...

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