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Choices Essay

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Individual choices change from time to time, but certain choices change the individual life and everything around it. In this book the characters make choices that will change their lives forever. One of the important choices in the book is Matilda’s choice to leave the island. Also, Mr. Watts’ choice to leave the white world and live on an island with his black wife (Grace), where he is the only white person, his choice is an important choice that changes many people lives including Matilda’s.
Matilda is a thirteen years old girl who lives with her mother (Dolores) after her father left to work in Australia in Townsville. She makes a choice in the end of the book that changes her life forever. After her mothers and Mr. Watts’ death she almost gave up her life, but when she found the log she remembered that Mr. Jaggers in Great Expectation, Mr. Watts read to the children on the island including Matilda, saved Pip’s life and the log saved her life. “What would you call a savior? The only one I knew went by the name of Mr. Jaggers. And so it was natural for me to name my savior, this log, after the man who had saved Pip’s life. Better to cling to the worldliness of Mr. Jaggers than the slimy skin of water-soaked log. I couldn’t talk to a log. But I could talk to Mr. Jaggers.”(P. 216)She was into the book Great Expectation that she felt she related to Pip and that resulted in her choice to go to Australia to stay with her father. After she went on the boat with Gilbert’s family, she knew she is starting new life, “I knew from Pip about how to leave a place. I knew you don’t look back.”(P. 222)When she arrived to Australia, she saw her father transformation to a white man is almost completed. Matilda used Mister Pip as a guide to make her choice whether to die or live and go to her father.
Similarly, Mr. Watts made a choice that made everyone on the island wonder about it. He left his wife and married Grace and decides to leave his home and come to an island where he is the only white person. “For the young kids the sight consisted only of a white man towing a black woman.”(P.2)Said Lloyd Jones in the beginning of the book describing how the black kids looking at Mr. Watts. His choice was a result from his knowledge, from reading books. When he fell in love with Grace he did not care what color her skin is, or what language she speaks. That was his choice to be with a black woman and live with her around her people.
Likewise, Pop eye told the redskins that he was Pip, which made everyone on the island surprise. He chooses to be Pip to save the rest of the people on the island. The redskins killed Mr. Watts because he claimed to be Pip and none of the redskins knew that e was lying to them. But after Pop eye’s death the person who had problems with him stood up for him. Even though he was already dead, Dolores, Matilda’s mother said “Sir, I saw your men chop up the white man. He was a good man. I am here as God’s witness.”(P.205)Her...

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