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College is the first major step towards the outside world for many people. As a result, many have the same idea, get a 4-year degree in an area they want and then get a job based on that. However, many don't realize the alternatives after leaving high school. These alternatives provide great benefits and are choices an increasing amount of people are beginning to take. Deciding to not go to college is blasphemy to today's society and this thought process is embedded in everyone's mind. Yet, the choices people are making by avoiding college can be beneficial, as people don't have to endure college if they hate it, and vocational training proving an effective alternative, people can find themselves in a better financial situation.
College, despite often being shown as a great dream place where successful people are made, is not designed for everyone. Because of that image many people paint about college, children have those thoughts pushed into their minds that they need to go to college. But for many, they don't want to go for a multitude of reasons and as a result, it is often said that, "we are forcing hundreds of thousands of kids to go to college and they clearly do not want to be there"(Rubiner). Many kids don't feel comfortable leaving home, possibly moving to another state, surrounded by people they have never seen before, causing them to feel homesick. In addition to this, they have to make brand new friends since they no longer have their old ones, and have no family to rely on to help them. On top of just these social problems, the college education system could be very different from the schooling they were used to. Between having larger classes reaching over 50 students per class and having to learn a completely brand new topic with just a midterm and a final to determine pass or fail, it is a massive change from what they are normally used to and are comfortable with. But staying at home and trying for a different route isn't always a choice for people. In fact, kids will try to take an alternative path, yet, "parents push their reluctant children to go to college"(Rubiner). It is often difficult for someone to make a choice when even their own family members don't support what they want to do. As a result, they decide to just go to college to at least please their parents. This often leads to them dropping out and losing their motive and incentive very quickly. It creates this chain reaction of nothing positive which quickly affects many things in their lives. Altogether, college isn't a wonderland for everyone and could even be Tartarus for some.
Recently, vocational training has become one of the more popular options people have began taking. Commonly, people decide a job they want before they begin thinking about getting a degree in that area. But, what many don't realize, is there are many vocational programs that people could take instead that, "offer in-depth academic and vocational instruction, teach real skills for real...

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