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Options For Implementing A Leadership Change Paper

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Options for Implementing a Leadership Change Paper
"Don Ruiz was Chief Executive Officer of Gene One. At age 37, Don became a young entrepreneur and started Gene One, a biotechnology company. Don was the CEO and creative force behind Gene One. Don brought his extensive technology and industry knowledge to the company. Gene One is now a $400 million company and Gene One is positioned to realize growth targets that will make it an industry leader. Don has since passed away, but he was always excited about the company's IPO opportunity, and engaged his leadership team, as well as an external consulting firm to develop a sound strategy to ensure that Gene One not only serves the public but leaves a legacy of his work" (University, 2010, p. 1). In this paper the team will discuss areas we, recommend for change and the strategies used to make the critical changes needed for Gene One to succeed.

Market Analysis and Trend

"In 1996, Gene One entered the biotech industry with groundbreaking gene technology that eradicated disease in tomatoes and potatoes. As a result, farmers no longer needed to use pesticides when growing these plants and consumers were pleased to buy homegrown products untainted by chemicals. The win-win situation helped Gene One grows to a $400 million company in just eight short years" (University of Phoenix, n.d., Para. 1).

"Accordingly, sharply rising stock indices on Wall Street indicate a growing interest in biotechnology. And leadership changes at the Food and Drug Administration are further enhancing investor confidence in the industry. At Gene One, the CEO and his Board believe that in order to keep pace with demand and realize conservative annual growth targets of 40 percent, Gene One is going to have to go public within the next three years. The time seems right, but the company needs IPO capital for new development, advertisement, and marketing if it is to remain successful" (University of Phoenix, n.d., Para. 2).

Organizational Assessment
Don Ruiz the founder and CEO of the Gene One is deceased, only four executive team members that remain. Michelle Houghton is the Chief Financial Officer, Terri Robertson is the Chief Technology Officer, Charles Jones is the Marketing Officer, and Greg Human is the Chief Human Resources Officer. The following is an assessment of the organization.Michelle Houghton has emotional ties to the company. Michelle is very passionate about her work has succeeded in obtaining funding for the IPO launch. Although Michelle does not have experience with IPOs, she has taken the initiative to learn about "the Sarbanes-Oxley Act which is mandatory all organizations, large and small, must comply" ("The Sarbanes-Oxley Act," 2006, Para. 1)Teri Robertson has built a reputation over the years through her hard work and genetic...

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Options For Implementing A Leadership Change

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