Choose 3 Artists That Best Represent Today's Culture. Identify Your Choices, Define Their Music, Then Explain How They Represent American Culture Of The 21st Century.

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This is an interesting exploration. At first, I began researching artists and how they positively represented the culture of modern America. The more research I did however, the more it seemed to me that a large percentage of popular music from today seems to have more of a negative impact on American culture in the 21st century. Or maybe more simply, this just is the American culture we have in the 21st century. Music has always been an outlet for young people to rebel against parents and society as a whole. It sometimes can help people, particularly youths, to cope with things in their lives. Music plays a big part in young people's growing up, but as more and more artists push the envelope of what is acceptable in our culture, we risk serious negative influences impacting the current generations. In this essay, I will explore three artists that have had a definite impact on our culture, but instead of a positive impact, they seem to have had more of a questionable influence on our society, especially our youth. They have all pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable in mainstream music and paved the way for the potential moral decay of American society.Marilyn Manson (Brian Warner)Marilyn Manson has been pushing the envelope of the right to freedom of expression since his controversial "shock rock" antics began in the early 1990's. His methods are strange and rejected by most of society, as most of us don't understand what he is trying to achieve. Many people believe that Marilyn Manson is bizarre, seeing him wearing women's clothing, applying heavy facial makeup, and covering himself with jewelry. His success can be attributed not only to his entertainment abilities, but even more so to the incredible marketing campaign organized to promote himself and his crazy actions. Manson is the self-proclaimed Anti-Christ. He has amassed a large following throughout the 1990's and his popularity continues today.Marilyn Manson, the alias and alter-ego of Brian Warner, was created using Marilyn Monroe and serial killer Charles Manson - two opposites in society. "Brian Warner, who formed the band in 1989 and whose apparent business savvy and flair for controversy turned them into a success. Using androgyny, satanic images and themes of rebellion and death, Manson irked bystanders and proved that outrageous rock was still a viable form of entertainment.Manson spent his teenage years in public school where sex, drugs, rock, and the occult were laid in front of him and he began embrace them. He started to experiment with black magic, began an enduring drug habit, and was caught stealing from stores. All of this is what Brian Warner was, and who Marilyn Manson was to become.Manson, along with many other artists, fully embraces their first amendment right to free speech to get their message across. This message mainly appeals to younger generations who relate to Manson's songs. Younger audiences are more accepting of his attitude and beliefs, partly due to...

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