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Choose A Tv Commercial And An Advertisment From A Magazine And Argue The Intention Of The Ad.

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On channel 35 there was a commercial on Allstate car insurance. The intention of this ad was no doubt but to increase awareness of an idea. It featured a horrific car accident followed by a speaker to state what has occurred and then to explain the position the company has on the issue. He says that a "Car accident is one of the worst moments you will ever experience. Allstate wants you to be prepared." The commercial not only wants consumers to choose Allstate as their insurance company but first gives several tips to people involved in an accident. Having your insurance card in the car, a cell phone to call police, and a disposable camera to take pictures of the accident, were some of the instructions provided in this commercial.Because the speaker directly speaks to the audience, it is obvious that the intended consumer was an adult who owned a vehicle. A child does not need to know information on what to do during a car accident. Not only is that but, the violent car accident in the beginning is too frightening for children. I viewed this commercial in the late night but have seen it on at other times during the day. The commercial can fit in with any time of day because adults are always tuned in. However, I would not expect to see this commercial on nickelodeon or Disney channels.The commercial emphasizes the price of product rather bluntly by saying contrary to popular belief that they are most expensive, drivers that switch to Allstate save about 300 dollars a year on car insurance, "Call and start saving money."The assumptions behind the commercial are evident. Everyone does actually need car insurance but not necessarily Allstate. The commercial satisfied the objectives of informing the viewer of a lot of helpful tips and good points about the car insurance company. It used the feelings and emotions of fear to appeal to the consumer. It has clinginess, that is, I would remember this commercial because it was controversial and made me want...

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