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Choose Sleep! Essay

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Imagine staying up 11 days straight without sleep to watch soccer. Do you think you could handle it? A 26-year-old Chinese man could not, after 11 days without sleep he was found dead. (“What Are the Health Risks of Sleep Deprivation?”) Sleep deprivation is more than just small problem, the side effects of not getting enough sleep can take your life. The large majority of facts about sleep deprivation are unknown to the general public, and because of this they put themselves in harms way unknowingly. People of all ages should work harder to get more sleep; sleep deprivation has numerous causes, detrimental effects, but many possible solutions.
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(Better Health Cannel) (American Academy of Sleep Medicine) Effects can range from minor, just some excessive daytime sleepiness, to major effects that include risk of high blood pressure, obesity, heart attack, diabetes, cancer, early death, and even an immediate death. According to, there have also been industrial accidents that lack of sleep has played a role in such as Bhopal (gas leak), Challenger (destruction of space shuttle), Chernobyl and Three Mile Island (nuclear disasters), and Exxon Valdez (oil spill). (Falling Asleep)
Despite the many causes and effects there are also many solutions to help with sleep deprivation. The first step to reversing sleep deprivation is to simply get more sleep. The proper amounts of sleep for school children and teens are nine to ten hours and adults require about eight hours. The website recommended some suggestions on how to get better and more sleep. Some of these suggestions are making an effort to go to bed earlier each night, improving your sleep environment, removing any distractions from your bedroom, and seeking professional assistance for any sleep disorders. (Better Health Channel) Some coping...

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