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Choose A Product Or Service That Is In Some Way Associated With A Taboo, Something That It Is Considered Socially Embarrassing Or Shameful To Ment...

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Advertising is all around us and we all know that advertising is the one-way paid marketing strategy intended to persuade audiences of readers to take action on products, services and ideas . It may seem simple to create an advertisement for any particular product but what about a product or service that is associated in some way with a taboo?

The concept of taboo is described by some European explores of the South Seas as "something that should not be touched" ; it is also defined as an object "being sacred and consecrated or as being dangerous, unclean and accursed" . Despite products associated with a taboo considered to be socially embarrassing and shameful to mention, there is still a high visibility of taboo in the contemporary advertising in the western society. I am going to analyse the different approaches to the advertising of condoms in the media, mainly in printed advertisements.

In the advertising sector, examples of products associated directly with a taboo are feminine care products, condoms, fertility pills and other sexual products . They all have a sense of embarrassment in the social aspect and is something to be avoided. I have chosen to discuss the product, condoms further as a demonstration with a direct connection with taboo featured in commercial advertisements. The purpose of commercial ads is to increase awareness and generating positive feelings and connotations about a product in the mind of prospective buyers , therefore I am interested in how enterprises can run a campaign for condoms with positive elements.

In United Kingdom, there are a number of legislation to restrict the context, both images and texts in advertisements. Advertisers are urged not to contain anything which is like to "cause serious or widespread offence, especially on the grounds of race, religion, sex, sexual or orientation or disability" . My chosen product, condoms is a highly sensitive sexual product where advertisers have to pay extra attention to the presentation of their campaign.

The other reason thing taboo-themed products raise issues in social marketing because of the notion of guilt. It does not seem appropriate to run a campaign for products associated with a taboo and such guilt construct has been suggested as an important variable in advertising by Alden and Crowley . A research published later in 2011 suggests that there is "no between reactive guilt, attitude towards the brand and purchase intentions" , therefore there shall not be a large concern of advertisements of taboos as far as they meet the criteria of the Decency.

In contrast, Sabri and Obermiller also carried out a research published in June 2012 on consumer perception of taboo in advertisements. Their research indeed suggests that consumers hold a negative attitude towards the sexual taboo advertisements and have negative intentions in buying the relevant products . Based on this research, advertisements with taboos do not seem to obtain positive impacts from...

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