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Choose Three Careers In Geology, And Explain What They Do.

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The three careers I chose were geophysics, hydrogeology and volcanology. The average yearly pay for a geophysicist would be about $72,500 dollars. The average wage of a hydrogeologist would be about $58,900 dollars a year. The average pay of a volcanologist would be about $64,400 dollars a year. If one were to work in any of these three categories, the positions available to them would be in the Departments of Interior, Defense, Agriculture, Commerce, and Energy, and the EPA.A geophysicist, or someone who studies Earth's mantle and cores, and it's magnetic, electric and gravitational fields, must spend most of their time outdoors. These geologists study Earth using gravity, and magnetic, seismic and electrical methods. These methods are used to find iron, oil, copper and other minerals, and to make models of Earth's center and its fields. Geophysicists also study the inner makeup and growth of the earth, earthquakes, the ocean and other physical features using the methods stated above. There are numerous categories of geophysics jobs including consulting, oil, academic, and government jobs. A strong background in science, with emphasis on physics, math and geology is very important for someone wanting to pursue one of the jobs in this field. Computer skills are also needed. A graduate degree is required for almost all jobs in this field.A hydrogeologist, or someone who studies of rocks and the structures that are formed over vast periods of time, also studies distribution and quality of ground water. They study the way that sediments have been deposited to create different layers...

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