Choose Three Contrasting Poems That You Feel Show The Difference In The Attitudes And Experiences Of Those People Who Were Part Of World War One.

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Choose three contrasting poems that you feel show the difference in the attitudes and experiences of those people who were part of World War One. Analyse them in relation to how they demonstrate the experiences and feelings towards war at the time.The three poets that I am choosing to write about are, Wilfred Owen, Thomas Hardy, and Rupert Brooke. The reason that the three poems contrast is the tone and content of the poem. Rupert Brooke had idealistic views of the war; his poems were seen as moral support for the soldiers. Siegfried Sassoon's poems showed the realistic view of the war, the brutal truth. Thomas Hardy is more unique than the other two writers he wrote about idealistic views, but he never actually went to war, he never had the first hand knowledge that the other two poets had, his poetry was speculation and imagination.In my essay I will analyse a poem from each poet and try to demonstrate the feelings, emotions and experiences towards war.Siegfried Sassoon's 'Suicide in the Trenches' is written realistically in its views of the war. Sassoon had been born into English aristocracy and privilege and was educated in England's finest universities. When WWI broke out, Sassoon enlisted in the army and distinguished himself as an officer. Within a short time, however, his attitude about the war changed as a result of the brutality he witnessed in the trenches. Besides writing some of the most bitter antiwar poems of the period, he made public statements calling the war "a war of aggression and conquest." Instead of being court-martialed as he expected, he was diagnosed as "shell-shocked" and sent to a hospital. It was while in the hospital that he met Wilfred Owen. The two would remain friends for the rest of Owen's life. Wilfred Owen also wrote realistically in his views of the war, they had a lot in common.Suicide was a realistic outlook on war, soldiers preferred to take their own lives, than to fight in the war. Religion was held up very strongly during the war, people believing that God would help, and a source of escapism for the soldiers, but suicide is a sin in the eyes of God.The title 'Suicide in the Trenches' already tells us that the poem is a realistic view of the war, we assume that it will have a dreary sad tone.Sassoon mentions issues that a lot of other war poets mention in their poetry. In the first line of the poem Sassoon talks about the young nieve boys that enrol to the war, thinking that it will be glorious and honourable to fight for their country. In fact that is far from the truth, when faced with war this is not what young soldiers feel, they feel, scared, lonely, isolated and unprepared. He calls the men 'boys', as they are so young and inexperienced."Simple soldier Boy"In the first stanza we begin to imagine and feel what it would be like to fight in the trenches. Sassoon talks about the "lonesome dark", we begin to feel that the men did feel isolated and lonely, scared and losing hope and faith in God. The...

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