Choose Two Poems That Reflect The Passing Of Time. How Do The Poets Convey Their Impressions? ("Rising Five" And "The Great Lover")

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'Rising Five' by Norman Nicholson and 'The Great Lover' by Rupert Brooke are two poems that reflect the passing of time. They both surround the idea of needing to live in the moment and not letting time pass by without appreciating everything life has to offer. Different language techniques are used to convey these impressions, this includes using parallels between man and nature, using enjambment and the rhyme and rhythm scheme to emphasise particular ideas.The Latin idea 'Carpe Diem' is a significant idea in both poems that reflect the passing of time. It translates to 'seize the day' which is what Nicholson and Brooke try to convince people to do in their poems. This impression is firstly shown in 'Rising Five' when the young boy shows his impatience, wanting to grow up as soon as possible. He says "I'm rising five, not four", this is very ironic because the speaker tells us that the boy is actually only four as he says, "he'd been alive fifty-six months".The phrase spoken by the boy: "I'm rising five, not four" is repeated at the end of the stanza however this time it is inverted: "not four, but rising five". The inversion emphasises the negative: "not" so it shows the speakers judgment towards the boy's perception of life. The speaker seems to be older and wiser than the boy and therefore he knows how fast time can pass by so he feels the boy should seize every moment and opportunity and not wish for the future.Repetition of parallel sentence structure is used throughout 'Rising Five' for example: "not May but rising June" and "Not now but rising soon". This emphasises Nicholson's impression that man is unable to appreciate the moment. It shows that we are only waiting and wishing for the future because even though we are experiencing the moment, we believe we are something else. For example: the boy thinks he is five yet he is only four.The sense of mankind needing to 'seize the day' is also shown in 'The Great Lover'. Brooke emphasises how everything is lost once you die so you must appreciate all aspects of life while you still have the opportunity. Brooke uses ellipsis three times throughout the poem to convey a sense of time passing. All three times it is used at the end of the stanza. Another impact this has on the reader is that they are given more time to reflect on and ponder the impressions of life that Brooke conveys. The blunt, simple sentence: "Nothing remains." is abrupt and therefore accentuates how death destroys all pieces of existence and how death is definite. It is also a hyperbole because death does not actually destroy everything; it just destroys the physical life of man. Brooke uses the past tense in the poem to show how his life is coming to an end. He writes of how things were, implying that they will not be like that for much longer, for example: "I have been" and "the best I've known". These show that Brooke is reflecting on his whole life before he diesNicholson uses a parallel between man and nature to convey...

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