Choosing A Laptop Operating System Essay

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Choosing an operating system for a laptop is a long exhausting process for others because there are many things to consider. Knowing what you need is one of the things to consider in choosing an operating system. Another aspect that you may consider is the cost. The following paragraphs explain some basic and important steps you need to go through and know about before finding an operating system.
The first step is to make sure that you find out the different kinds of operating systems that are available in the market place. Apple and Windows are the two major companies today that dominate the market of laptop sales. Majority of the people often end up buying either an Apple or Windows ...view middle of the document...

In addition, Windows 7 is the most widely supported operating system for games. Windows 7 is affordable compared to Apples’ Mac OSX. Laptops with Windows 7 operating system range in price from between $300-$2000. Windows 7, nevertheless, has a few disadvantages. Windows 7 is the most prone operating system for spyware and virus applications. Windows 7 also has poor security because Windows provide some atrocious functionality which makes it easy for worms to strike, and a misdesigned Windows update are the primary culprits that create a hospitable environment for worms and other malware. As a result, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of windows 7 will give you a good comparison to Apple.
After doing all the research of the two main brands of operating systems, the final important step is to make sure that you have decided what you need and what you can afford in order to choose the best one. For instance, if you have less than $1000 dollars to spend, you might buy a Windows operating system laptop because Apple OSX laptops requires a minimum of $1000...

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