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Choosing A Masters In Public Administration

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“If you can write it and you can say it, you can do it.” In a single sentence Professor Eric Claville succeeded in attracting me to the study of public administration. Sitting in Introduction to Public Policy class, I was instantly fascinated by the idea that through effective communication I could improve policies and programs to better serve the public. Professor Claville’s lessons enabled me to think analytically as I developed a scholarly policy brief entitled “Enforcing a State-wide Texting While Driving Law in Arizona”. Soon, I was faced with the notion that public administration was not only an agent for change, but a tool to fulfill my passion. It is a possible pathway to take on a leadership role that would make a difference for disadvantaged groups.

An undergraduate degree in Sociology has heavily influenced my decision to pursue a Masters in Public Administration (MPA). Academically, I have remained consistent in excelling in all tasks I have undertaken. I have learned about group dynamics and how different approaches are utilized to solve the problems they may entail which are important to serve the public effectively. It also exposed me to broad program planning. In the course of my Research Internship under Dr. Zina McGee, I successfully created a research based program that would help minority youth cope with victimization. This experience further sparked interest in this field, specifically in planning social programs. Selecting courses such as Public Policy and Statistics have broadened my knowledge in the area of public administration and data analysis as well. Through my rigorous coursework, I acquired the necessary background to think analytically, solve problems, and communicate effectively, both written and verbal. I strongly believe these distinguishing characteristics combined with my intense interest prove my ability to excel in the graduate Public Administration program.

The Masters in Public Administration will provide me with an opportunity to learn about the development of knowledge on management and policy issues to prepare for the next stage in my professional career. It is in the context of the above that I will describe my career goals.

My short to medium term career goal is to attain an analyst position or become a strategic program coordinator in a public sector institution concerned with addressing social and health policy issues among disadvantaged groups in the United States and abroad.

The goals and visionary approach acquired from my short to medium term exposure in a public sector institution will prepare me for leadership and management level positions in public program management.

Furthermore, with an understanding of multi-cultural issues from my diverse background and trips abroad, I am constantly aware of social inequalities that occur in our communities and I am committed to working towards equity in access and opportunity. In this...

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