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Effective communication is a vital ingredient of organization success. With out it, the organization in question will definitely lose its competitiveness, and it is highly likely to eventually fail. Proper internal communication will facilitate the sharing of crucial organization information by organizations’ staff. Desired organization standards, ethics, culture, and other crucial elements can be shared. Equally important is proper external communication. This kind of information helps in attracting new clients and retaining the current one. Clients are made aware of the organization’s existence and its products through various platforms. The current business environment has made it increasingly important to integrate external and internal communication. This can be made possible by choosing an appropriate information system infrastructure (Trend Micro 2011; Mindtools 2011).
Desktop and landline telephones have traditionally been used by businesses to serve their communication needs. However the fast paced technology world is quickly making them ineffective, and there is high likelihood they will soon become obsolete. This is indicated by the rate of decline in the use of landline phones in residential areas, proving that such communication tools can not serve effectively the purpose of integrating internal and external communication. It is also certain they can not support employees who are often on the move. For this reason, mobile devices are the most appropriate communication tools that every organization should adopt. However before settling on any specific mobile device, an organization needs to consider a variety of issues (Jasen & Scarfone 2008; Trend Micro 2011).
Issue to consider while choosing a mobile device
Definitely the first factor to consider is the organization needs. Why the organization needs a new information system infrastructure, and which type of information does it aim to transmit, are some of the important questions that need to be answered. Is the organization trying to exchange simple text and voice messages, or does it require a device capable of sending complex information? If you require the latter, then you better chose a device that is capable of performing similar or even superior to those performed by an advanced desktop. This includes browsing the internet, preparing, modifying, and storing complex data, preparing visual and graphic representation, sending them in form of electronic mail, among other services. Definitely, most organization require a device capable of serving basic information needs such as sending and receiving both voice and written messages as well as providing solution for complex information needs (Trend Micro 2011).
Compatibility is also another important factor that should warrant a keen interest. Some mobile devices are so rigid and therefore limit the use of certain useful platforms or application. For example, you might realize an application at Window...

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