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Choosing Between Low Fat And Low Carb Diets

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Kay’s compromise is setting her up for troubles. She is doing the acceptable thing by researching the issue however she has missed some finer points. While fats at 9 calories per gram do in fact yield more calories per gram than carbohydrates which are 4 calories per gram and as such do indeed have a greater potential for energy use she is misguided in her thinking and taking an approach where she drops her carbohydrates low and takes in high fat in her diet is perverting the facts. A diet of the energy-dense fats will not be better for her in this event. She needs to trust and listen to her coach and their recommendation for her to see a sports nutrition professional. It will take following a properly guided meal plan for her to be competitive in this event and remain healthy.
As Fink points out, Carbohydrates, in the form of glucose, are the main source of fuel for all physical activity. Fats on the other hand are primarily used as a fuel source while resting and when performing moderately to low intensity exercises. (Fink, 2012, p.3) It’s these facts that are so significant. The event she participates in will be fairly short yet very intense with that in mind as an 800-meter track athlete the Carbohydrates are going to serve her the best. She will require immediate as well as a short sustained use of energy for her event. While she will be using both energy systems Fink states she will mainly be using anaerobic energy system which “is a major contributor to intense activities that last from 1 to 3 minutes.” (Fink, 2012, p. 50)
Undoubtedly Kay must be experiencing some undesired results during her races which she wants to correct. She is managing to do the correct thing by seeking nutrition as the answer. She is currently following a high carbohydrate program so there are a number of other factors which may need to be addressed. She may be consuming the wrong type of carbohydrates or she may even be consuming too little. Also her training may be an issue and she may be under the impression the nutrition is the problem. While she is obviously seeking answers to a problem it will take more than a simple consultation with a nutritionist to create the needed adjustments. According to the case study by Aerenhouts (2011) to truly achieve significant dietary improvements and prevent the recurrence of former habits monitoring and possible greater intervention may need to take place. Yet since she has read numerous books on nutrition she may be willing to follow the instructions of nutrition professionals. “An athlete needs to be convinced of the important role that diet can have in health and Performance before dietary changes will be considered.”(Aerenhouts, 2011, p.82) Her coach is working to persuade her to do the right thing however she will need to eventually realize for herself what is best.
Her event is a very demanding event. She is obviously a well motivated athlete if she is contending in this event. An 800 meter run is...

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