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Choosing Careers Essay

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With the years speeding by, college is closer than it appears and I’ll need to know the answer to the question that I’ve been pushing aside, “What do you want to be when you’re older?” This question was a dream as a kid and now a nightmare as a teenager in high school. College offers a large variety of courses in order to prepare for the career of your dreams; it’s just a matter of choosing the appropriate one. I’ve decided to narrow down my options and focus on two careers I feel will best suit my personality. A kindergarten teacher and a fashion designer share similarities and differences, and focusing on the jobs’ salary, work environment, and requirements will help me choose the right career for me.
Having money in the current economy is vital for a comfortable living style, so I need to take into a fact the salary of a kindergarten teacher and a fashion designer. According to BLS a kindergarten teacher’s median wage is around $49,000, while a fashion designer’s is around $65,000. The choice, based off of salary, may seem obvious to choose fashion designer; however, the salary of a fashion designer is risky. A fashion designer may get employed by a large scale company, where the top ten percent of wage is $131,000. The bottom ten percent of wage is $33,000, and this could easily be the amount of pay earned by a starting designer. A teacher also has a wide range of salaries, from $32,000 to $77,000, and this would be determined by what school employes me. A fashion designer also may or may not have a steady income which portrays great risk. If a designer is self employed, the designer would have to provide for themselves based on what they designed and how well the product is being favored by the public. However, if a fashion designer was employed under a company then they should expect a steady income. Teachers tend to get a steady income no matter what school they decide to be employed at, and this will be helpful in order to manage on-going expenses.
In order to be confident that I’ll enjoy entering my work place each day, I’ll need to examine the careers’ work environment. A kindergarten teacher will be required to work the normal five day week, and work with the students during the day, while planning lessons and grading at night. A fashion designer, on the other hand, who is self employed, works at their own pace. If a designer is employed by a company, then the designer will have normal work hours like any other job. The job of a teacher can be rewarding when teaching children, however it may provide a stressful environment when children are behaving...

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