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The Image Opinion
How would it feel to be judged based on your appearances and not by your actions? Image in most cases has several different ways of distinguishing between beauty and the potential it takes of being able to work in a market. Well, In today's market owners are making decisions hiring based on the employees look and not analyze the employee as a whole. Most companies want someone who is emphatically able to bring in more sales and consumers. Some of the famous companies want their employee to have the necessary looks to get people to just walk in their store. By just having those special looks these employees are more likely to get the job then a person who is actually good in communication.Companies who choose to hire based on persons image can end up for discrimination or not giving everyone an equal opportunity.Hiring someone based on their qualifications and not just image can benefit the ...view middle of the document...

Parents are persuaded into going to a market because of someone who knows how to communicate with the customer. This engages the customer with the employee who is able to sell to the customer. For, the younger generation many teens are motivated by some actor or actress who use that product/item and actually buy that same item. Researchers have experimented with the various ways people are most likely to enter and buy product.
A market researcher Marshal Cohen who has analyzed with the NPD Group as a senior industrialist argues “It's really important to create an environment that’s enticing to the community, particularly with the younger, fashionable market.” I disagree with Cohen about hiring people based on their looks and not qualifications. If the market owner thinks about it only for the customer and not the sales it self , the beautiful young woman may be a brand enhancer who is enticing consumers. However, in the long term goals if the market thinks about the long term goal and sales .The beautiful woman may be incompetent for the whole job itself therefore, they do not know how to sell and an employee who would have qualifications would be beneficial to the team. From Cohen’s point of view about hiring based on image is true and that it causes the flow of people. In perspective, if you were standing by a market and some good looking employee comes up to you and says “what’s up”, would you just go to the market maybe, but think about it. In the market one should have an employee who actually knows what he is doing and what their goals.
For the benefits of many companies it is better that they actually take their time to decide who has the best image for the position. Sales are not just about how the person looks but can depend on they way they speak. Employees who know how to sell can actually Reflect A Business Image. Many companies are out there just making money by the sales department over the phone. Researchers such as Marshal Cohen, have researched the different ways of how the market sells to its people. The younger generation is being engaged from those beautiful models and buying products or services.

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