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Choosing The Best Stun Gun Essay

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There's no denying that it's a dangerous world out there. While it's not a good idea to become paranoid, it's always a good idea to be prepared. That is why stun guns have become a popular self-defense choice for many people. Stun guns work by using electromagnetic impulses to hinder the workings of the attacker's muscles and nerves. When a stun gun hits the attacker, a sudden jolt of pain will surge through their body and the electromagnetic pulses will render the attacker paralyzed for a few moments. This allows the victim to escape unharmed to find help or call the authorities.

There are many makes and models of stun gun to choose from, and choosing the best stun gun for your needs is important in maximizing your personal safety.


Size is an important factor in choosing your stun gun. Stun guns can range in size from a garage door opener to a billy club. People with smaller hands may prefer smaller models as these models fit better in their hands. However, this doesn't mean that larger stun guns are best for those with large hands. Larger stun guns are harder to conceal and they may feel clumsy to handle. If you're in a shop that sells stun guns, ask if you can handle varying sizes of stun gun to see which feels best to you. It should feel comfortable in your hands while being easy to carry around.

Size Does Not Equal Power

While size is an important factor in choosing a stun gun, you should keep in mind that size does not determine how powerful or effective the stun gun will be. This is determined by voltage, amperage and the method of delivery. Amperage in particular is the better method of determining actual power, but all of these factors should be considered when looking for a more powerful stun gun.


Some of the best weapons in the world are ones that the attacker never sees. This doesn't mean hiding the weapon in your jacket, pocket, backpack or purse. You can easily hide a stun gun in plain sight by choosing one that is disguised as something else.

For instance, larger stun guns can be disguised as flashlights or small bats. In addition, these stun guns usually double as the item they are disguised as. If you need to illuminate a pathway, you can use the flashlight. If you get attacked while walking down the path, you can instantly switch to the stun gun. If the stun gun on the bat isn't enough, you can get in a swing or two to get away.

Smaller stun guns are commonly disguised as pocket flashlights, perfume sprayers and cell phones. Some of them can even act as a key chain.

It's not entirely necessary to get a disguised stun gun, but it can be extremely beneficial. It's best to choose a disguise that matches what you'd commonly use. For example, if it would seem odd that you'd carry around a baseball bat with you, it's likely not a good idea to get a stun gun disguised as a bat.

Safety Options

Like any self-defense weapon, you can't put the entire focus on how much damage it does....

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