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Choosing The Foundation For Education: Debate In Schooling Comparision Of Public Vs. Private Schooling

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Choosing the Foundation for Education: Debate in SchoolingA child's education is not to be taken lightly. Research should play a major role in the choice of schooling. Factors such as environment, scholastic opportunities, and guidance provided by the school, and curriculum should all be taken into consideration. A child will tend to thrive and succeed in a place that lends to their needs and wants, not only focusing on the teaching of the mind. While public schools are free (Ramasamy), private schools may offer a more artistic approach to schooling, thus enlarging the opportunity to think independently. The debate of which school is better, public vs. private, is a continuous issue. There ...view middle of the document...

Public schools have specialists: social workers, psychologists, gifted teachers and special education teachers, physical therapists, occupational therapy counselors, and a school nurse at the clinic (Ramasamy). Therefore, comparing a more rigorous academic program to academic support and considering which one is more important is a valid issue. While a rigorous academic program concentrates on the teaching of the mind, without appropriate academic support that same mind cannot grow and learn further. One cannot learn without having a sufficient amount of support. One cannot expect young children to follow a rigorous academic program without a respectable amount of support from the schools and teachers themselves.With the ever-changing world that we are living in, diversity has become a way of life for most businesses, communities, and educational facilities. Racial and ethnic diversity can enrich the school experiences of students and teachers in many ways (Department of Education). Without this diversity, a child will step into the world knowing nothing of his or her surroundings. Diversity should be introduced to a child when very young and should continue to be an active part of the child's education process. In 1993, 28 percent of public school students in grades 1 to 12 were black or Hispanic, compared to 17 percent of those in private schools (Department of Education). Minorities in positions of influence also vary between these two schools. A child should be able to identify with his or her elders and know that they can aspire to reach that same goal in life. A classroom where minority children are present should have the opportunity to receive an education by someone of the same race, culture, or creed. In public school, an average of 12 percent of the teachers and 16 percent of the principals were minorities, while private schools had only 9 percent minority teachers and 8 percent minority principals (Department of Education). School climate can significantly affect the quality of the educational experience for students, teachers, and other staff as well as parents satisfaction with their child's school. Part of the education process should definitely include diversity.Family and other outside issues can affect what takes places in a classroom. Those children that live in an unhealthy environment bring many issues with them to school, thus interrupting the education process. When students bring to school personal problems such as those associated with alcohol use, drug abuse, and poverty, both teaching and learning can be seriously compromised. Personal problems that interfere with...

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