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Choosing The Light Bulb That's Good For You

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Efficient Lighting
There have been many electric light bulbs made in the world, all using different amounts of electricity, some better then others. Today we have the choice between many, but it all started with the first electric light bulb invented by Humphry Davy in 1800. Since then many more have been made and we have the best use of light there ever was today.
A light bulb is a glass envelope that provides light by passing an electric current through a filament. The filament creates the energy that makes the light show.
Light bulbs are used daily in almost every room and building in the U.S.A. They are essential to our daily uses. We use extreme amounts of energy each day to keep our homes lit.
Today we are faced with many choices of light bulbs and we all want to say money on the amounts of energy we used. “Electric lighting burns up to 25% of the average home energy budget.” What light bulbs are the best to buy, to save the most amount of electricity we use each day? We are given too many options, how do we know what is the best? There are hundreds of different light bulbs we can buy, there are 271 results for just the LED light bulb, and that is only one type of bulb.
Type of Bulbs:
1. Incandescent light bulbs: These light bulbs have a very thin tungsten filament. The filament is what gets very hot from the electricity, which runs through it. The heat that is produced creates “white” energy, which is visible light. The problem with these bulbs though, is that the heat wastes a lot of electricity. The incandescent light bulb produces 15 lumens per watt of input power. This light bulb was made in 1802 and still used today. It has both advantages and disadvantages to using it. Great for small area lighting, good color rendering: CRI of 100, this is the best possible, no toxic materials to dispose of (like mercury, toxic alloys, or semiconductors), and it is easily used. One of the advantages most people look at is it is cheap to produce. “The electricity used over the lifetime of a single incandescent bulb costs 5 to 10 times the original purchase price of the bulb itself.” This light bulb is still commonly seen and used today, but there have been new bulbs, that are being used and offer a little more.

2. Fluorescent bulb: These light bulbs have a different method to produce light. There are electrodes at each end of the fluorescent tube. The tube contains gas which contains argon and mercury vapor. The electrodes flow through the gas from one electrode to the other; in doing this it excites the mercury. When the mercury goes from excited back to normal they give off ultraviolet photons. The photons then hit the phosphor coating inside the tube, phosphor then create visible light. Through this process, the fluorescent light is four to six times more efficient. These lights are more commonly chosen for, pin-based lighting fixtures, and for commercial facilities, which require mid-range to high color temperatures....

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