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Choosing The Right E Commerce Platform For Your Online Store

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Chapter 4: Choosing the right ecommerce platform for your online store.

Choosing the right eCommerce platform for your online store isn't only vital to the appearance and message that you want to visually achieve, but it is also imperative to your sales. Think about your personal shopping experience. The first thing that you do when you click onto a website or take a step into a new store is take notice of the appearance of the brand, clothing and company. Whether subconsciously or not, your brain begins to process and judge the image that you are viewing which allows you to make the decision as to whether or not this is a place that you would like to continue your shopping with. Within ...view middle of the document...

With a few simple clicks, your customer should be able to do everything that they came onto your online eCommerce store to do.

Placement and Importance of Information
In addition, your information should be easy to see and understand. This applies to both your product information and company information. Avoid jargon and novel-long product descriptions as this makes the purchase more complicated and will deter your customers. They want to be able to shop easily and effortlessly. The placement of such information is just as important as a cluttered website will be much more of a nuisance than a friendly, pleasant atmosphere. Your eCommerce platform should encourage a clean, precise layout for images and information, and it should allow product descriptions to be short and descriptive - ideally, bullet points are the winner.

Compatibility and Functionality
Your eCommerce platform should also be compatible with the majority of Web browsers. What is the sense of having an eCommerce store if only a small portion of people can actually open it up on their computer? There isn't one. A prestigious eCommerce platform will have the technicalities to be available to all of your customers, whether they are visiting your online store via a computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone or through Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox. Since this has a lot of technicalities behind it, don't expect to understand any jargon of the coding and assume that you can fix this yourself with an eCommerce platform that doesn't offer such compatibility. High quality platforms will state it's compatibility immediately, and will not leave you wondering. With that said, the eCommerce platform should run fast, smoothly, and without any errors. If your customer clicks on to read more about your products and has to wait more than a couple of seconds, you've lost them. Only opt for platforms that will have your online store ready to be shopped across all avenues and at the...

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