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Choosing The Right Path Towards The American Dream

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Decisions matter, in the play Death of A Salesman, our playwright, Arthur Miller, compares Willy Loman, a carefree father who seems childlike, and Charley, on the other hand, is a kindhearted man of few words who is equipped for the real world. Both Willy and Charley long for the American Dream but on their journey there they go down completely separate paths. Throughout the play, Willy Loman proceeds with various decisions that are not in the best interest for him or his family. Meanwhile Charley only does what is best for his family and his friends. Although Willy and Charley are both fathers who care for their children, not everyone can get the American Dream.
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When parenting, Charley acts more like a father figure who disciplines his child in order for them to succeed. Although Charley is successful in life with a son top of his class and a running a successful business, he does not have the need to rub his achievements in peoples’ faces. Charley shows that nobody has to like you in order to become successful in life; all you have to do is work and be devoted. For example"...who liked J.P. Morgan? Was he impressive? In a Turkish bath he'd look like a butcher. But with his pockets on, he was very well liked" (Page 69). When Charley finally realizes that Willy is on the brink of suicide, he tells him “…nobody’s worth nothin’ dead” (Page 70) which shows how compassionate Charley is for his friends. Given these points, I can come to the conclusion that Arthur Miller was trying to portray Charley as a warm and sympathetic person who puts others needs in front of his own.
Putting Willy and Charley side by side, we can see that these two characters are completely different from one another. Willy has his pride; he always strives to be better than his neighbor Charley flaunting off whatever he has whenever possible while Charley is gentle and kindhearted whose only goal is to help the people around him. Charley can clearly see that Willy is acting childish when it comes to life; he never takes anything seriously when it comes to work or even his sons’ education. He even states, “Willy, when are you going to grow up?” (Page 63) "The only thing you got in this world is what you can...

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