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Choosing Veganism Essay

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Have you ever stopped to think about what’s in the meat you’re eating or the chemicals that are in any animal by product you are using? Most college students don’t, but the ones that do usually end up switching to, the sometimes controversial, vegan diet. If students were made to be vegan for a month it would expose them to alternative ways of living and educate them about the harm these animal products do to our bodies and our planet. Exploring veganism will open your eyes to the cruel world behind mass produced animal products and how we as a society are the perpetrators behind it.
The main reason veganism would benefit college students and all people in general, would be the abundance of ...view middle of the document...

These farm animals are also forced to reproduce at a rate in which nature did not intend. It leads to multiple health problems and usually results in a much shorter life than what they would naturally have in the wild. Choosing not to eat meat will slow down demand and prompt these companies to provide more humane housing and treatment to their livestock.
In spite of all the benefits of being vegan, there are people who oppose it. One of the most common oppositions against veganism is animal overpopulation. I see how others may come to the conclusion that we are doing the right thing by keeping the animal population in check; however, this information is false. We as humans play a huge role in the problem of overpopulation. As I stated before, animals are forced to reproduce at alarming rates on these farms to meet product demand. If there was less demand, there would be less farmers forcing the animals to reproduce. In their natural habitats, procreating would happen at a more realistic and manageable pace. The wild has natural born meat eaters that make the cycle of life go round, this helps to maintain the primal system of checks...

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