Choral Critique: Blue Review

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On May 16, 2014 at 7:30 P.M, I had the pleasure, and honor, of attending The Holy City: The Festival of English Chorus Music at the Stanford Memorial Church. Here I saw the Stanford Symphonic Chorus, Stanford Chamber Chorale, and the Ragazzi Boys Chorus; all directed by Joyce Keil. My general opinion of the concert was that is was absolutely spectacular. Not only was absolutely astonishing to see the singers perform, but it was also the complete and utter grandiose of the ornate and beautiful Stanford Memorial Church.
The pieces that were selected all fell under the category of English choral music, from 1912 till 1953. As well as this, they all were pieces by Vaughan Williams and Gustav ...view middle of the document...

The diction of the words and overall phrasing was very well done and the end consonants were fabulous. Due to the fact they all had coordinated phrasing cutoffs and endings never were a problem for this massive amount of people.
In total, the most astounding characteristic of the choirs that performed would most definitely be the tone. The tone was beautifully dark and rich with a very full sound. It was also extraordinarily intense but did not take away at all from the performance. The dynamics were also very clean; the crescendos and decrescendos were transitioned very smoothly and put together and were structured well. All of the performers had a continual dropped jaw, which allowed for a beautiful flow of unified sound. The sopranos especially surprised me because; their vowels were just as dark as the lower parts. The singers were also perfectly on key, aside from one tenor solo during the second time through of Sancta Civitas (1923-25). However, it was quickly restored.
My favorite song would obviously have to be Sancta Civitas (1923-25). Not only was the difficulty insane, but the dynamics, minor/major chord shifts,...

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