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Chris Mc Candless: Hero Or Dumb Jerk?

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Helen Keller once said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”. Chris McCandless believed in this thought. However, Chris’s “daring adventure” was also his greatest demise. People risk their lives for many reasons. Perhaps a person is suicidal or maybe they are foolish and ill prepared. I believe many people, including Chris McCandless, risk their lives for an adventure because life is short, and why not take risks while a person still can. Or on the contrary, a person could be seeking a thrill, or attempting to test their worth, or simply trying to decide who they really are.
Chris McCandless and many other adventurers risk their lives in order to have the thrill an ...view middle of the document...

Jon Krakauer had the same point of view. In the story Into The Wild he wrote, “...but in reality nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future.” (Page....Krakauer, like many adventurous people, understood that people are not guaranteed a future. If a person has a future set and planned out for them then they may not be able do the things and the adventures that a person really wants to do. A person may never receive the thrill of a journey if they never go on the journey.
In addition to people taking risks for thrill, people also set out on an adventure in order to test themself. In another article by Judith Kleinfeld she stated, “Many young people want to test their mettle right out of college, to go on a great trek of the body and the soul.” When people decide they want to test themselves, they want to not only test their mental self but also their physical self. A person, such as Chris may want to push their mind and body to see just how far they can go. Peter Christian described how people test themselves by saying, “People, nearly always young men, come to Alaska to challenge themselves against an unforgiving wilderness landscape where convenience of access and possibility of rescue are practically nonexistent.” In order for a person to have a challenging enough test, many people like McCandless, go to extremely tough terrain in order to test their physical self or to see if they can survive in a difficult climate. Also, they test their mental self to see if their mind can handle the solitude and hardship that may come alongside a long and difficult adventure. People often times want to test themself just to simply see how far they can go. A person is often curious to see how strong mentally and physically they are. Young men especially are in search of a challenging journey. Neal Karlinsky wrote, "I'm going to test my limits, I guess, to see what it's like to be hungry. I'm trying to put myself in an environment where nothing's spoon-fed. I mean, where I might have to go run around the woods for a bit, or go fishing for a few hours to catch a fish, catch my own dinner.” Human beings are constantly trying to improve and better themselves. One way to improve is to test your body and mind. Some tests are harder than others and some people do better on said tests than others. For example, Krakauer claimed that climbing the Devils Thumb was more difficult than...

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