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Chris Mc Candless: No Hero, Just Stupid

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Many people have different views on the death of Chris McCandless and the actions he did that lead to his death. Some say McCandless is a legend as a result of people are still talking about him today. Others look at the whole McCandless story and just think, wow this kid must have been stupid. There are many people who countless views about McCandless, going out into the Alaskan Frontier ill prepared wouldn’t be my idea of a good time.
Some of the views on the death of Chris McCandless are harsh and some people call him insane or psychotic, while others think the exact opposite and think that Chris just might be a legend. “When you consider McCandless from my perspective, you quickly see that what he did wasn’t even particularly daring, just stupid, tragic and inconsiderate” (Christian). Considering that Chris was ill prepared, Peter Christian thinks that what Chris did wasn’t the smartest thing to do and this is why he thinks Chris’s choice to venture into the Alaskan wilderness was dumb. In addition, Craig Medred also happens to think Chris might have been insane. “Almost every psychiatrist, psychologist or mental-health professional I’ve talked to about ‘Into the Wild’ over the years has noted — at least among those who’ve read the book — that schizophrenia or bipolar disorder was one of the first things that popped into their thoughts” (Medred). Do to the fact that a mental health-professional said that the reason Chris went on the trip because he was possibly psychotic.

On the other hand, Matthew Power seems to be one of the people that think Chris can be considered a legend.“Fifteen years later his story continues to resonate as a quintessentially American tale, and its hero has assumed near mythic status, blurring the lines between living memory and the creation of a legend” (Power). Even though Chris has been diseased for awhile his story is still talked about. Do to Chris’s story still being talk about by people today Matthew Power seems to think that that makes Chris a legend. Seeing how other people react to what happened to Chris can give you hints about what other people thought...

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